My Crazy iPad Story

March 13, 2011

I never bought myself an iPad.  I was disappointed with how clunky it was when it came out, and by the fact that I couldn’t hold it in one hand, and therefore use it to read books on the train on the way to work.  I wanted it to be a little smaller.

I looked at the Kindle and HATED how it looked, and its single-purpose limitation.  I looked at the Nook, and particularly at the Color Nook.  I actually visited that one a couple of times at the Barnes and Noble near my work. But I’m too in love with the Apple software and its beauty to deal with getting used to another operating system.  So I decided to keep reading books on my iPhone, and wait for Apple to make a smaller iPad.

When the 2 was coming out, and it had the same screen dimensions, I thought, “well, not this time.”  That I’d still have to wait.

But then I read more, and more, and I saw the video on the Apple website that showed how thin the new one is, and I thought, “well, wait a minute.”

I work across the street from Boston’s flagship store, so I decided I would go and check out the iPad 2.

When I got to work, there were 5 people waiting in line outside the store.  When I went back at noon to see if they had put them on display, there were 9 people in line.  The dude told me they were closing at 3 to set up, and then would re-open at 5.  He said I could look at the iPad without waiting in line.

I left work at 4:45 – leaving my stuff in the office – to quickly go and check out the iPad.  But it only takes 5 minutes to walk there, so they were still closed.  So I decided to check out the line.

No longer 9 people in line.  The line wound all the way around the block.  And I found myself walking and walking until I found the end.

And then …. I got IN the line!


They had employees monitoring the line, and counting people in line, and polling us on what we planned to buy.  Early on in the line, they figured out that they were going to sell out of AT&T 3G models, and told people so they didn’t wait for no reason.  They polled me, and I told them I wanted a 32 GB WiFi version (I took a few minutes out of my busy day to figure out what size was best for me).  “We should have one of those for you when you get in, but it’s not a guarantee.”

When it was 5, I thought the line would move quickly, but it didn’t.  At all.  At 5:30, WD texted me that he was on his way home.  I said, “I’m in line.”  He said, “in line for *what*?” and I said, “well, the iPad comes out, and I told you I wanted to check it out.”  “But wait, you’re not gonna BUY it, right?”  My response:  “?” “you are gonna buy it, aren’t you.”  My response: “?”

At 6:15 the line had moved up the block, but not around the corner.  An employee estimated I had 2 hours to go.  I texted WD and told him to eat without me.

Lemon called me and said, “Mom, you do know you don’t HAVE to buy it today, right?”  I told her she clearly was being raised by wolves.

Then my phone died, and I was cut off from the world.

The line was crazy, and as tends to happen in crazy lines, I got friendly with the people around me.  We were funny, let me tell you.  We kept the night entertaining. We needed that.  I needed that.  I had run across the street on a whim, still in my heels (instead of changing into my clogs, as I keep my heels at the office), without a scarf or gloves.  But I did have my coat.  But by the time it hit 8:30, my knees hurt, my feet hurt, and I was cold.  So the laughter was a good thing.

I got in the store at 9.  An Apple dude came and fetched me for my personal iPad purchase at 9:10.  I left the building and ran back across the street to work to fetch my stuff (and change my f’ing shoes) at 9:20.  I was home by 9:50, with my family rolling their eyes at me.  But still drooling over the toy.

I let them play with it, and I signed on to my email from the computer.

What did I find?

“Dear Suzie:  Congratulations!  Your comment was randomly chosen and you won an iPad 2!!”


I wonder what I would have done if my phone hadn’t died, and I got the email while in line?  I think I still would have bought it.  You just can’t throw away 3.5 hours spent in a line.  And we have 4 people in our family.  We each have our own iPhone or iTouch, and our own laptops.  Having TWO iPads in a house of 4 isn’t such crazy overkill, when you consider that, right? (Well, okay, now we just sound obnoxious.)

We all love my toy, and WD will love his when it arrives.  The girls are a little flummoxed as to why HE gets the free one, but he does.  The only thing the kids want it for is to play games, and I am more than willing to let them use mine for that.  They don’t need a dedicated game-playing iPad.

And –  I can hold the new iPad in one hand.  Easily.  🙂  Happiness.



  1. Lucky you!

    I have the ColorNook and I absolutely love it–I never expected to be such a convert to an eReader, but there you have it.

  2. WTF! You WON an ipad while you were buying an ipad? LOL. I’m waiting for 3, which is supposedly coming out this fall (i know, right?) I agree w/ you about the holding-in-one-hand thing, which is why I also rely on my iphone for reading.

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