Normal Again, with Wide Feet

March 17, 2011

Okay, I have snapped out of it.  No more whining!

Lemon has followed through on her physical therapy exercises.  Not without grumbling, but grumbling is better than sobbing.

I took her shopping last night for the promised new sneakers.  We went to City Sports because they sent me an email letting me know that most sneakers were 50% off.  She also needed a digital, water resistant watch to fulfill her coxswain duties, and City Sports had told me that those, too, were on sale.  Gotta love the open channels of communication that I have with major retailers.

Sadly for Lemon, I have contributed more than my fair share to her genetics.  Physically, the child seems to be 70% mine … if not more.

Right down to the wide feet.

We’re in City Sports, looking at the Wall of Shoes, and I mention to her that since several pairs are 50% off, I’d like her to limit herself to those choices.  So she – with a little less than full enthusiasm – chose a pair.  We requested said pair in a size 8.5 and a size 9 (yes, seriously).  I wandered the store looking for waterproof socks (as recommended by her coach) while she waited for the shoes.  While I was gone, the 8.5s were deemed too small, and she donned the 9s.  I came back and asked how they felt, and she said, “honestly, they’re a little tight.”  I asked the shoe-person to check, because I was too disgusted thinking my poor daughter would be needing a size 9.5 shoe at the age of 14.

“No, no, it’s not the toe, it’s the FOOT.  I have wide feet.”

The salesman – in all of his expertise and understanding of podiatry – responded with, “oh, they’ll stretch out.”

But I, as an owner of wide feet, persisted oh-so-unreasonably, by asking if they have any shoes that come in wide.

“Mmm.  No.”

Then kicks in the 14 yo fear that mom will Cause a Scene, “Mom, it’s fine! These are fine!”

Fortunately, another clearly more experienced salesman overheard our exchange.  Alas!  There are shoes that come in a D instead of a B!

Shoes that are not on sale.

“Can we try them in a 9, please?”

“Mom, I said these are FINE!”

But these could be more fine … despite the fact that – of course – they are not on sale.

Less Experienced Salesman brought out a 9 in last year’s [barf green] model, because “they’re cheaper.”  I guess trying to honor my pursuit of the cheaper shoe.

Despite the barfy green, Lemon tried them on.  “Oh, wow.  These feel a lot better!”

And I thought — is the barfy green really worth the $14.03 that I save on purchasing last year’s model?

Answer, no.

We got the beautiful uplifting blue – this year’s model – that had the added bonus of pretty tropical flowers on the insole.

On top of 2 pairs of spandex shorts (so odd shopping for my stick of a daughter, searching for the XS side of the rack instead of my usual L or XL), one pair of spandex capri pants, a polyester long sleeve shirt, and the watch.  Oh, let’s not forget the headband I purchased for myself, because it was Prana and pretty and would help keep sweaty hair out of my face at the gym.

I thought I was adding things in my head as we went, but I still felt like the final bill ($293) should have been about $100 less.  Maybe $87 less, when considering my $13 headband.

Imagine if they had the waterproof socks?


One comment

  1. Waterproof socks? I had no idea such a thing existed! I feel you on the wide feet thing. At least running shoes come in wide. You think Prada comes in wide? Hell no. I have to go a size up in shoes for them to fit, and sometimes they’re still too tight, but then the shoes are sliding off because they’re too long. Ugh. But running shoes… ahhhh. I have a marvelous pair of Brooks with lots of arch support. It’s like running on pillows. Well worth the price.

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