One Month/Two Trips

March 24, 2011

Well, I left town for work again.  This time, it was just to the Big Apple.  Much less painful than a dreary, distant Springfield.

A few observations:

  • I know that a lot of businesses are centered in New York, and that it’s a typical meeting place for business people around the world.  But honestly, to me, New York = fun.  Not work.  It was pretty surreal to be there for work. Especially since the neon of Times Square was flashing in my window while I was trying to prepare for a presentation.
  • iPad + travel = woo hoo!  I brought four novels with me.  Four.  They all, combined, weighed 1.2 pounds.  And that included my games, my email, my maps, and more!  Thank you, iPad!!
  • work travel + train = ahhh!  I find the train so much more palatable than flying.  I took the Acela this time, for the first time, and I will say I was less than enthused about the “upgrade.”  It didn’t feel like an upgrade.  It went faster, but that – to my tender inner ear – made it sway a lot more.  Not fun for a girl who gets motion sick on a dime.
  • Restaurants in NYC are ridiculously expensive.  Seriously, I wandered into this steak place thinking “steak sounds good,” and it cost so much f’ing money, I don’t know if I can even submit the damned receipt for reimbursement.  Ridiculous.  Granted, that is not a mistake that we made when I was there 2 weeks ago with the family, because when it’s MY budget, I’m a bit more careful, but still.
  • When you go somewhere on a vacation with your family, and then return approximately a month later alone, it feels pretty lonely.
  • At the same time, it’s nice to show up in a different city and feel familiar.

It’s good to be home.  With requests for sleepovers, furry little kittens making themselves cozy on my butt while I sleep, husbands who do thoughtful things (i.e., bags of cadbury mini eggs), and kids who block your path on the stairs, even though they see you struggling with 3 bags, because they just want to say hi.



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