From the Dining Room

March 25, 2011

Work bogged me down yesterday and today – unexpectedly.

It’s Friday night, and I’m sitting here at my dining table, while Lemon and 2 of her new friends (i.e., new since entering high school this year, and very new to me) are in the kitchen, eating pizza.

If I have to work on a Friday night, I am glad that it gives me the opportunity to eavesdrop:

  • “Lemon!  You totally lied to me!  You said Atticus died!!”  [Lemon laughs hysterically]  “That took you so long to figure out!!”
  • Laughter about other lies they can tell about the book, imagining test answers that people would write as a result.
  • Lemon tells her friends that she was a hypochondriac in 7th grade.  I can’t help but to giggle, and then tell them “I remember when the nurse said to me in December of her 8th grade: ‘Suzie, Lemon is growing up so much!  I think she’s only been to see me ONCE this year!'”  Lemon is embarrassed, but giggling.
  • They talk about when they are ill, and about fevers.  Lemon recounts this story.  Again, I can’t help but to interject.  About my pride.  At least I’m consistent.

Eventually, they leave.  But I’m very happy to have the glimpse.  Happy that despite my eye contact and face-making, Lemon just smiles, and makes goofy comments about her “annoying mom” which really are pretty loving, accepting, and amused.



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