More From the Dining Room

March 26, 2011

Work continues this weekend.  This memorandum is turning into a 20+ page monster, and the research avenues just keep splintering off and splintering off.

The Freshmen woke up by 10 this morning, with my poor little child looking and acting like someone grabbed her out of bed in the dark of 3 a.m.  The sadness of having friends who are “early risers.”

Into the kitchen they came.  “Oh, shit,” WD and I said.

Because last night, I went to the grocery store and fetched a respectable amount of junk food.  Potato chips and ice cream, specifically.  But I forgot that he mentioned earlier that we weren’t rich in the breakfast department.

Now, Lemon is like me, and she does not typically eat a large breakfast.  Especially when stirred from sleep hours before she would naturally choose to wake on her own.  So I knew we’d be able to cobble something together.

Our only cereal was Cheerios.  They ate that.

There were 3 bagels left.  They ate those.  With enough cream cheese in the fridge to create some coating.

We only had 6 eggs (instead of the usual 2 dozen).  I scrambled those.  They ate them.

They asked for a banana.  They ate 3.

They asked for a clementine.  They ate 2 each.

Next, they made hot chocolate and coffee.

Then, they opened the potato chips.

Then … out came the peanut butter.  And some spoons.

Hours later, WD and I were just discussing whether or not we need to throw the peanut butter away.  Because it was one spoon per girl, but multiple dips into the jar.  I am not a germophobe, and said, “I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it.”

And this mornings’ conversations were also fun

… if you go into space, and watch the earth, are you watching history (something to do with the speed of light … I think)?

… if you live long enough, is cancer inevitable?

There was more, but my distractability of last night didn’t extend into this morning – I really have been working.

And I wish I was done.  Because then I could wander down the hall and eavesdrop on the 7th graders, now that the freshmen have left for crew practice.


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