Regular Blogging is Hard

April 8, 2011

I have had my “add new post” window open all week, and haven’t really had much to say.

Or rather, much to say that felt appropriate for the blog.

I’ve had rather humorous conversations with my Ex.  Maybe they’d be okay to share …

Had some frustration with my almost-13-year old, involving my coming to terms with my own lack of influence over her social life, and my attempts at reducing the stress that unrest in her social life brings to my own life, even though it’s really not my life.  I tried to find a way to only blog about the ME part, but got tired.

I’ve had some interesting gossip shared with me about Lemon.  Not okay to share (although she’s definitely a-ok).

So, I’ve been quiet.  I’ve been writing emails to appropriate real-life people (i.e., my husband) about these things, but not really declaring them into the public.

Work has been quiet, too.  So I haven’t been sitting at my desk all that much.  I’m coming in late and leaving on the early side (i.e., 5 p.m.  Yesterday, it was 4:48!)

Now I’m heading into a weekend that promises to be full of sunshine and sports. Many fun things planned, and I’m looking forward it.

Soon, I’m sure, I’ll be up for blogging again.


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