Fun on the River

April 11, 2011

WD and I were pretty excited come Friday.  While it was true that we were all headed in separate and chaotic directions Friday night, we also knew that Saturday morning was – for the first time in some time – bringing us nothing to do.


Lemon had a sleepover birthday party; Mouse would be post-dance exhausted; the only sports on the calendar including a practice at 1 or so, and a soccer game at 5 p.m.

That was all turned on its head when Lemon texted us after her Friday afternoon crew practice (at 6:15 p.m.) to say, “Uhhh, I just found out I’m racing in tomorrow’s varsity race.  I have to be at the bus tomorrow by 6:20 a.m.”


This meant no sleep over party, but because she did want to celebrate her friend’s birthday, it also meant an extra pick-up to fit into our several-commitments-thick Friday night.  We survived, but it was hairy.

The next morning, I set my alarm for 5:15, in order to get my child out of the bed and onto the bus.  Being one of the only freshmen in the race should not be compounded by being that freshman who made the whole team late to the race.

It took a ridiculously long time get her to actually leave her bed, but she left the house in time to trundle the 3 blocks to the high school where the bus was waiting.

I thought about going back to bed, but Mouse had an early-riser friend sleep over, and I promised them breakfast. So, instead, I showered and made french toast.  WD eventually peeled himself out of the bed, and we got ourselves ready to go — we were not going to miss Lemon’s race!

So instead of sleeping in (which is more and more meaning “until 7 a.m.” for me, rather than the previous version which was “until 10 a.m. or SO”), we left the house at 7:40 a.m. to start a one hour drive to the race site.

And of course, don’t regret it at all:

Crew, I have decided, is very cool.  I’m getting more into this than I did for any of the previous sports:  soccer, softball, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country.  The kids have done a lot.  But this … it’s just different.  Maybe because it’s relatively intense, and requires more from us as parents than the previous sports.  More equipment, more time, more driving.  If we weren’t into it, well, that would suck.  It may also be because Lemon has taken to her position as coxswain in a way that we haven’t really seen with our girls before in a sport.   She’s loving it, and doing very well, even at the varsity level.

Lemon especially, has always done better in her non-athletic pursuits than her athletic ones.  To be fair, the coxswain position is still one of the less-athletic ways to be participate in a sport, but I think that makes it a great fit for her.  She can be involved in a sport, in a team, and not feel frustrated because she doesn’t perform at the same level as some of her friends. She still goes to practice (and exercises her butt off) 6x a week, and she has made a ton of new friends from all grade levels.  Her success is based on her intelligence, organization, and her LOUD VOICE, which – believe me – is very, very loud.

They also keep winning.  The upperclassmen are showering her with praise, and clapping her on the back (facebook style and in person), and she’s on cloud 9.

It’s a great thing to watch.

I’m going to soak it all in before she has her next growth spurt and hits 5’8″ or some other non-coxswainy size.


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