A Glimpse of Things to Come

May 1, 2011

WD and I have had a strange weekend. All day yesterday, and now all day today, we are a childless couple.

Yesterday (Saturday), Mouse had a Bat Mitzvah service in the morning, and left early to a friend’s house before hand so they could “get ready” together. Her friend lives mere blocks away, so she just left the house on her own at 8:30 or so, and that was that. Lemon had a drama festival all day (as in a series of student- directed one-act plays), and she also was out the door on her own at an early hour.

WD and I went out, after a lazy morning catching up with news from the couch, and bought ourselves some new furniture. Specifically, a pair of reading chairs for our bedroom.

We also had to make a stop at the Apple Store, because on Friday night, I dropped & shattered my iPhone.

Wow, look at that? How I said that without caps lock, and with no exclamation points or crying-face emoticons? That’s because apple store and my cute little genius-bar-buddy earned 5 stars from me, and my phone was perfect less than 24 hours after the Incident. And thanks to my charm and good cheer, it got that way without any cost to me. Well, except for the heavy duty cover that’s making it’s way to me right now, hopefully to prevent a repeat of Friday’s misery.

Today, Mouse had slept at a friend’s house, and woke up early to do the Walk For Hunger, a 20 mile walk to earn money for Massachusetts food banks, so she isn’t home, and Lemon had her Latin tutoring and now is working in the dining room with a friend on their math project. Once again, WD and I went out on our own. This time to Home Depot, so he can continue his bike-rack-building project (to accommodate the 7 freshmen who park their bikes at our house, since we’re 3 blocks from the high school and a convenient changing/stuff-dropping center between school and sports). We also got lunch, and ran a few smaller errands. Now he’s building, and I’m bloggin on the deck in the sunshine. Nice.

Of course, we still had plenty of kid-time as well –

  • On Friday night, Lemon was in a play. Prior to high school, she was in at least 3 plays per year, and drama was her main focus. Since high school, though, she’s been spending more time in sports than drama. Not entirely of her own choice, since our high school’s drama program is very competitive. So it was nice to be back in the audience watching her. She did a great job in a Tennessee Williams piece – she looked beautiful, and acted wonderfully. It’s was a great debut now that she’s broken into the drama world. I can’t wait to see what she does next.
  • Yesterday, we went to Mouse’s soccer game. She played hard, and was happy with her own development – her coach has been pushing her to be more “angry” and less gentle. “did you see, Mom!? I was rough,” and yeah, I did say, “Great job, honey!”
  • Mouse had a super quick turn around between her soccer game and a bat mitzvah party. So I had to do some frantic pinning and hair drying and make up application while WD did some frantic quesadilla-making and Mouse did some frantic freaking out parent-yelling. That was fun.
  • WD and I thought we were going to have some solo-time last night (before we realized that our days were solo), but Lemon was exhausted after the drama festival and chose to stay home instead. It’s always fun for us when we have just one kid at home for a movie night, because their preferences are so wildly different (Mouse=Comedies or light Action; Lemon=heavy action or drama or thrillers) that choosing a movie to please both can feel impossible. So last night, we introduced Lemon to the Coen brothers via Fargo, and then I passed out and she and WD watched Alien. Neither of those could have happened with Mouse home.

And so, other than the few moments above, WD and I feel like we know what are weekends will look like come the year 2016, when both girls are off to college. Of course, then, when we’re not also being available for the girls in case their plans change or something happens, we’ll be able to take these lazy weekends and fill them with a trip somewhere, instead of with local lunches and shopping sprees.


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