A Good Mother’s Day.

May 9, 2011

My public plea for patience worked.  I think that we had a nice, mellow visit with my parents.  WD had to field a few prodding “I am a conservative and you are a liberal, lets see if I can goad you” questions from my father when they were alone in a car.  Oh, and Lemon had to defend her boycott of Target, which led my parents to roll their eyes (she/we boycotts based on their financial support for political candidates who oppose gay marriage).

Otherwise, we had a very good weekend.

Lemon’s race went very well.  Six boats from our school raced, and hers was the only one that took a medal (silver).  My parents got a taste of the kids, the community.  My mom helped me to work the food tent, where parents pitch in to feed the 50+ athletes throughout the day.  She chatted with some of Lemon’s friends, and walked away quite impressed with the state of 14 yo’s in this day and age.  (Because they rock.)

Then Mouse had a soccer game.  My dad, WD and Mouse left the race at 11 to get Mouse there early, as is required.  Mom and I stayed behind to finish our shift at the food tent.  We were running late for the game, thanks to traffic, and by the time we go there, so had some thunder & lightning.  They called the game, and so we all went home.

Potentially Awkward Thing That Ended Up Not:

In December of 2009, my mom asked me what WD would want for his birthday.  I said a GPS.  She said, “great! That’s a good idea!”  We were shocked when the GPS arrived at the house, because it was obviously a used and very outdated model.  At first, we thought they just gave us theirs.  Either way, I was pretty offended.  I mean – new GPSs are $100.  My parents often gift around $150-$200 for birthdays, etc.  True, WD is not their son, but still.  They hadn’t done that before.  We were very confused, and I was a little pissed.

When I spoke to my mother on the phone later, she said, “I spent forever trying to find our exact model!  We love it so much, and I don’t know anything about them, so I thought I should just stick with what I know.”

It may very well be that the gift was punishment for me.  Because my mother has this …. thing.  When she buys gifts for me, my sister, or anyone in our families, she wants it to be not just a gift-giving process, but a gift-buying process.  This means spending hours on the computer or the phone looking at options, clicking on links, and making suggestions.  I find it very frustrating, and I always try to get out of it.  I thought I did get out of it with the GPS.  “I don’t know what to get, tell me waht you want.”  To which I responded, “I don’t know, Mom.  I don’t know anything about them, either.”

And we got the used, outdated, software-less, instruction-less, charger-less GPS model.  Lesson learned.  I guess.

So, 6 months later, we said forget this crappy GPS model.  We’re getting a decent one.  We went to Best Buy during tax free weekend, and we picked out a Tom Tom.  It was $125, if that.

We spent some months saying, “what if your/my parents notice that we got rid of theirs? What will they do? What will they say?”

This weekend, they noticed.  My dad ooh’d and ahh’d, and my mom said, “what!?  It tells you what LANE to go in? I want that one!  Give me the model number!”  (And has since emailed me twice, asking for the model number.)

So, they weren’t offended.  At all.

My Parents left on the early side after brunch on Sunday.  Lemon had her Latin lesson, and then was due to have a friend over.  I was quite happy to have an afternoon with little to do.

But then I remembered that Thor came out this weekend, and was suddenly very interested in going to a movie.  And it was Mother’s Day, so what Suzie wanted, Suzie got.

We should probably be embarrassed about our love for what we term the Big, Dumb Movie.  But we do love them.  And they tend to be the ones we see in theaters.  Non-dumb, and non-big, movies are easily viewed at home.  But the Big, Dumb Movie is best seen on a huge screen.

Last Mother’s Day it was Iron Man 2.

This Mother’s Day, Thor.

Both were very fun for me.

Maybe next Mother’s Day will be the Avengers.

So, that was mothers day.  Wishes granted; happiness had.


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