Career Thoughts (or Evidence of a Lack Thereof)

May 11, 2011

Yesterday, I spent my entire day in family court.  The hearing was set for 9 a.m., but we had to wait for interpreter for my client, and then the judge decided we should try mediation, then we had to wait again for the judge, then we ended up (surprisingly) waiting for the Department of Children and Families, and then again for the judge, and then back to mediation to craft a visitation schedule, and then back to the judge for approval.

I left at 5 p.m.  And I was not near to my home.

But it ended up fine.  Because while I was gone all day … nothing really came up for me at work.

Things have been relatively slow.  It’s been the case department-wide, and so I’m not concerned about me as an individual.  I’ve relished the ability to leave early, to chat with my colleagues more, to generally have a less-stressful life.

But it also gives me a bit more time to think about where I’m going in my career.  Or rather, I have less things preoccupying me so that I can ignore thinking about where I’m going in my career.

And I find that I have no clue.

I know that I am not going to make partner at my BigLaw firm.  I know this because I have worked very hard to balance my work and family lives, and I think I’ve done a good job.  As a result, I do not have off-the-chart billing numbers.  Which, I believe, makes clear to those with Power that I am not as “Hungry” as my counterparts who have higher billables.

It’s fine.  I think.

There are two areas of law that I practice here that I could potentially – ever slight possibility – develop to the point of being marketable for an in-house position in those fields.

And there’s the area of law (i.e., family law) that I practice consistently as a pro bono attorney, that I could likely transition into without too much difficulty, but with a considerable pay cut.


You have now come to the end of the extent of my thinking on this subject.

I so need to get on the ball.


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