Our New Normal

May 21, 2011

Friday Nights at Suzie’s House

Prior to 2009:

The kids and WD would be home from work and/or school, sports, friends’ houses by 5, they’d all wait anxiously for me to get home.  We would have carefully pre-chosen movies lined up.  Rarely were they modern movies.  The girls loved musicals, they loved old movies, they loved weird comedies, they were very flexible, and we had a world of movies to choose from. WD would make a perfect dinner, designed just for the Movie Night, to eat in front of the t.v.  Nachos.  Toastie Dogs.  Pizza (he tends to get plain cheese frozen pizzas from Trader Joe’s, and then doctor them up with each of our favorite toppings).  We’d typically watch 1 movie with our dinner, a second movie with some ice cream, and then go to bed.

Friday Nights in the first half of 2009:

Lemon would call or text to talk about possible plans.  I’d say, “but it’s movie night,” and she’d say, “oh, right, never mind!” and come home for the above.  But we’d struggle to find movies.  Especially ones the girls would agree on.  Lemon likes suspense, Mouse likes comedies.  Lemon still likes the classic films, not bothered by black & white, Mouse wants modern only.

Friday Nights, starting in the second half of 2009.

Lemon would call or text with plans.  “But it’s movie night!”  “Mooo-oooom, can’t we watch a movie on Sunday night or something?”  WD and I would watch a movie or two with Mouse.  Sometimes, even Mouse would have a dance to go to, or a sleepover.

Friday Nights, 2011, an example (last night):

  • I get home from work around the same time Lemon gets home from crew.
  • Mouse is still at soccer practice, not due home for an hour.
  • Lemon has a performance to attend at the high school, and will need to leave before Mouse gets home from soccer practice.
  • WD decided that since Mouse is a vegetarian and we are carnivores, we will just eat before she gets home, and she can eat later “if she even comes home,” he said, knowing that she is with her best of friends, and may end up finding something else to do along the way.
  •  We eat dinner (delicious flank steak and curried veggies) at the table.
  • Lemon leaves.
  • WD and I make our way to the living room.  Still have at least 30 minutes before Mouse will be home, so we start looking through instant watch movies on Netflix.
  • Mouse texts (predictably?) “Can I get a burrito with my friends?”  We laugh, say yes, start our movie. We purposefully chose something lighthearted and short, knowing interruptions were inevitable.
  • An hour into the movie, another text “Can I go to my friend’s house to watch a movie?”  We laugh, say yes, finish our movie, start a second movie.  Now we know we have more time, so we go with something more serious. [I loved it, by the way.]
  •  30 minutes after that, “Can my friends and I go to [boy’s] house?  Oh, but wait.  That’s a first.  “Are his parents home?” Yes. “Who else is there?” One other boy. “What do the other moms say?” They said yes.  WD and I ponder whether we need to call the boy’s parents, to be sure they’re home.  But the boy is new in town, and I don’t really know his parents.  We say yes, and tell Mouse to call us when she gets there.
  • At 9:50, I get an email from another of the girls’ moms.  She is bringing all the girls home at 10:15ish.  She’d coordinated with the boys’ parents.  All is well.
  • 10:15, Lemon comes home.  We tell her we’re at the end of an intense movie, don’t ask questions.  She goes to her room instead.
  • 10:30, Mouse texts.  She’s in the car, but has to make the rounds to friends’ houses to pick up stuff she’d left behind throughout the afternoon.
  • 11 p.m., our movie ends, girls come in the room, all chatty & happy.  Lemon wants to watch X-Files, I say “you gotta be kidding me?  It’s 11 p.m.!!” (I’m notorious for falling asleep well before the rest of the family on Friday nights – being awake at 11 was miraculous).  Also, Mouse doesn’t watch X-Files, and she’s not tired, either.
  • Mouse tells stories about her evening.  Interesting to find out that the boy whose house she went to lives in a condo complex/brownstone building where a couple of other boys live, and so they were boy-house-hopping.  “No, we just went over there to GET [other boy]”.
That was the end of my night.  I went to bed at 11:15, and I thought WD was right behind me.  The girls had asked permission to watch DVR’d episodes of Parks & Rec (such an awesome show … Ron is my favorite), and permission was granted.  I guess the episodes were too funny to allow WD to leave the room.  At one point I was woken by Lemon’s laughter (kind of a cackle, I have to say), and knew they’d switched over to SNL episodes.  It was 12:43.  I have no idea when they went to bed.
So this is it.  Friday nights.  Girls being social, hanging out with friends, keeping in touch via text.  Not our first time experiencing a certain freedom gained now that we have older kids.  But still felt like a notable change.

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  1. Love your blog! 🙂 xx

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