The Fourth

July 5, 2011

We have spent several of the 4th of Julys that we have been in New England on the bank of the Charles River.  WD and I tried, last night, to count how many – precisely.

We failed. But we came close.  Out of the 7 years we’ve been in Boston, we remembered:

  • Year one (2005):  the year we camped out, early, and got sunburned, and fell in love with the magic of Boston fireworks.
  • The year (2006) that the girls were in the Middle of the Country, and WD and I came home from a long weekend away with sunburns to nurture, and chose beer over fireworks (wise choice … it was a good night)
  • The year (2007, maybe?) we camped out early, and got soaked – with a chill.  Mouse, in particular, spent the day wrapped in a blanket, trying to keep her teeth from chattering. They almost canceled the fireworks, but ultimately did not.
  • The year that the girls were in the Middle of the Country (2009), and WD and I walked to the Cambridge side of the river in the evening, to try something “different” – but ended up watching the fireworks from the Mass Ave. bridge.
  • Last year (2010) – when WD and I escorted Lemon and some of her friends (very late – I think we left home at 9:30) to the mob scene on the bank of the Charles and then walked right back with them.

During those early years, I was a bit of a spaz with the girls.  If we were in the crowds, I made sure WD and I each held on tight to a hand, the whole time.

Last night, we didn’t have Lemon with us.  We had Mouse & a friend.

I had a certain measure of anxiety – I did have charge over a friend.  It was late.  It was dark.  I did hold a hand.

But that other child of mine?

She was doing the same thing we were: making her way to the bank of the river late in the day, blanket in hand, friends in tow.  They staked out their own spot.  Each of them (there were 9) brought food contributions.  They brought games.  Probably, they sang along with the Star Spangled Banner and with the (very awesome) orchestral Bohemian Rhapsody. I wouldn’t know  for certain though.  Because we were over here ____ right across from the barge, and they were over there —–> near the Hatch Shell.

We both had great views.

We both made it home shortly after midnight (us on foot, her on the T).

Teenage freedom, urban style:  Survived.

And a happy 4th was had by all.


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