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July 7, 2011

I have continued to meet my friend to run 3-4 days a week.

My back pain has continued, too.  It doesn’t really hurt (often) while I’m running – the pain hits later in the day, and mostly comes while sitting.

(My job = desk job = sitting all day long)

Last week, I ran 6 days out of 7 and counted calories like a very good girl.  I also drank close to zero glasses of wine or beers.  And I lost 8 pounds.

This weekend, I went to my parents’ house, and didn’t run for 3 days, and drank wine and didn’t count calories. And it looks like I gained 6 back.

In 3 days?  What the hell?

I also went to the doctor.  For the first physical in several years.  She did the old, “Your back hurts since you started running?  So stop running.”  And I did the typical Suzie, “uh, no.”  She told me to do the elliptical.  I said not until they install them around the reservoir.  And not until my friend who meets me in the mornings chooses an elliptical.

Look – before I was meeting someone in the mornings, I wasn’t getting up.  I wasn’t exercising.  Now I am.  My back will survive.  I’m sure of it.

My mom has Type 2 diabetes.  It’s one of the reasons why I’m determined to lose my extra weight and develop healthy habits of exercise and strength.  So I don’t become her.  And when I went to the doctor, she took some of my blood (4 vials worth, actually).  It said that I am a fraction of a decimal away from pre diabetes.  Reinforcing that I need to do this.

I also have slightly elevated bad cholesterol.

The only recommendations were – lose weight.

I guess that’s what I’ll do, then.

I wonder how much I can lose in the next 6 weeks (i.e., before the Ex comes to town to visit Mouse; I’d love to avoid his smirky glance as he silently appraises my weight.  Only “silently” since the time I told him very plainly that he no longer is in a position to comment on my appearance.  If he ever was.)



  1. After living in Switzerland for a few years and enjoying the pizzas, the fondues and other foods, I put on a lot of weight in two years.

    When I moved to the USA and had a routine physical, the doc told me about my not-so-impressive blood test results. He also said that almost everything goes down when you lose weight. Huh! Over the next few years, all the extra weight came off and, yes, my blood work was better each time.

    Bottom line, if you’re able to keep up the exercise and trending weight loss, you might be very pleasantly surprised at the good news the next time you have your blood tested. That’s a little useful motivation…

  2. […] than my persistent bad foot – no.  I don’t even think I had a cold.  Oh – I had my first back pain of my life. When I first started running.  Probably why I let myself give it less than my all for the rest of […]

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