Canada will certainly be the death of me …

August 2, 2011

The child has been there for considerably less than 24 hours.  And my recent check of our AT&T account on line shows that we’ve pretty much burned through the text messages that the extra $10/mo have afforded us.

Now we’re working on the $0.40/each texts.  I haven’t even told her yet.

I could tell her.  I could say “okay, enough with the texting.”

But I’m not going to.  I will, instead, work to put several sentences into each text, instead of my usual phrase-per-text.

I did tell the Ex not to text her, though.  I told him he has to call her. That’s only $0.19/minute.

Today, according to my golden texts, she bought measuring cups, pancake mix, syrup, rice krispies, and cheese.  She came in 5th in her heat for the first race, meaning that boat will not advance. The loss was not so upsetting, because there are 5 other boats that she’s coxing, and she’s having a great time.  She races again tomorrow.  She went shopping alone, because the rest of her roomies went while she was on the water. She was pretty stressed that using the ATM in Canada would cause the bank to freeze it, so she begged that I call the bank and let them know where she is.

Knowing all of that is well worth $3.20.



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