Last night, I dyed.

August 3, 2011

Mouse sent me this picture a couple of weeks ago:

Please mommy, please mommy, please!!!  If it doesn’t look good, we can just cut my hair,  because it’s only the ends!

I found myself needing to process it all.  Her hair isn’t this long, and it isn’t curly – she didn’t want to do such long areas of dying, she was thinking more like 1 – 1.5 inches.  But I didn’t like that it had to be bleached, and really had a hard time picturing myself pulling this off.  I’m no hair dresser!  I’m a lawyer!

But then a friend dyed a streak of her hair blue.  Her and her mom tried it first without bleaching her (blonde) hair prior to applying, and it faded/washed out/disappeared the next day.  Then they bleached the strip, put more dye on, and it worked.  and it looked cute.  A small streak, a little splash of color that you see now and again – just enough to cause a double take.

So I said, “Fine.  But you have to buy the stuff yourself.”  (Totally appropriate, since it costs $8, and she just made $120 taking care of someone’s flowers while they were on vacation.)  She was fine with that.

I thought we’d do it this past weekend, but it didn’t happen.  Saturday we had to go see Cowboys and Aliens, and Sunday was Canada Prep with Lemon. Sunday night, Mouse said, “My friend is coming over on Tuesday, and we thought we’d do my hair that day?”

Dude – your mother has a job!

Oh, right, I always forget that you work.


I’m a lawyer!  In a large law firm!  I’m the reason we eat dinner at 8 or 8:30 on a regular basis.  How can she forget that I work??

But things were not too crazy yesterday, so I left the office just before 5 p.m. (Which is not so atypical this summer, but I still feel sneaky, every time.)  WD fed the girls (Mouse plus 2 friends), and then we got down to business.

[We worked on 2 heads, but I’m only sharing that of my own offspring …]

This was after the bleach.

Now it’s blue, but hard to tell because it’s wet.


The final product – with the blue just peeking out from behind the shorter layers. We were pleased.

Almost not visible when in a pony tail, but will be a fun surprise.

The mess in her room is not my responsibility.  Do not judge me.  Judge her.

All-in-all, a very positive outcome.  Her friend’s hair also came out great (a modest-sized magenta streak just behind the ear) – thank god, because I was pretty nervous that I’d screw up some other person’s kid’s hair!

And we had a great time.  WD helped a lot, the girls being dyed were excited and happy, and a third girl was there for moral support and shampoo-duty.

Mouse’s hair looks like a pretty solid shelf of blue there, but it’s not.  We only died some clumps of her longest layer.  She now has designs on dying the rest of the longest layer pink or red.  I have to say, last night was exhausting.  I’m not sure I can get behind a second round.




  1. The model’s hair isn’t actually dyed, its chalked. Mouse can have new color e on new strandsv every day.

  2. You are the coolest mom EVER! And it does look really great!

  3. Her hair looks so cute! And you were so brave to do the job yourself; I’m not sure I could have managed it.

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