August 25, 2011

Seriously, that is how I am feeling.

I could not have been more excited about the pending vacation.  I couldn’t think about or talk about anything else for quite some time.

I was especially excited after last year’s mess, thanks to work schedules.

We’d carefully crafted our plans:  a night (tomorrow night) in Ocean City, Maryland, which is about 8 hours into the 12 hour drive to the Outer Banks.  We planned to leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow, and get there in the afternoon, to allow for time on the boardwalk, a swim in the pool, maybe even a dip in the ocean.  Because our hotel is steps from the ocean.

On Saturday – which is check-in day for the house we rented – we would slowly drive down Highway 12 in the Outer Banks, stop and see some of the towns on the way, check out the sand dunes that Jen suggested (kites are on the packing list!), and generally enjoy the sites until check-in time.

Then we would sit on the beach.  For 7 days.  We had menus planned (the girls kept saying “we don’t want to do anything or go anywhere, we just want to rest!”).  A couple of sights to see (because who listens to their kids’ demands?). A thousand books to read (seriously, my iTunes and Kindle spending limit was exceeded, to say the least.)

Then, the news bulletins started to come out:

Irene Slamming Bahamas; Outer Banks, Northeast Next in Line

Okay, yeah.  So that is, in fact, where we’re going.

Being as obsessive as I am, I started to monitor the reports very, very closely.  I know every change in track, every possibility.

Yesterday, they thought that the hurricane was veering east, and that the Outer Banks would be “brushed” (which would still be significant), but that it would then head into the ocean again before hitting New England.

A lot of hand-wringing ensued on my part, while WD kept saying, “oh, don’t stress, let’s just wait and see.”  I may or may not have snapped at him about the lack of control I have over my stress levels.  I don’t make a decision to stress.  It just happens.

We’d been watching the reports for some time, watching as some parts of the Outer Banks started their evacuations, but still seeing the bulletin on our rental service’s site:

If you are due to check in this weekend, keep your plans intact and monitor these reports. There may be a delay in getting down here, but we think you’ll enjoy the outstanding weather which usually follows a storm.

Pretty optimistic.

We decided, while the hurricane was veering east, to book at second night in Ocean City.  We knew there was some risk, but we also knew that if Ocean City evacuated, we’d have no loss, as we wouldn’t be charged.  We had considered (a) staying home for a while, and (b) heading inland instead.  But since the hurricane was due to hit at home, too, we thought that would add to our delay.  In a scenario where the Outer Banks are hit, they flood, the waters recede, we would get to our house as soon as allowed.  However, if we were in New England, being slammed by the hurricane, we wouldn’t want to get on the road.  So the closer we were, the better.  We didn’t really want to go somewhere inland, because, well, we think inland is boring.

So I called the hotel in Ocean City, they said, “eh, the hurricane isn’t coming here, you’ll be fine.  And we won’t evacuate unless it gets really bad.”  So I booked a second night.

One hour later, the hurricane center changed its forecasts.  The hurricane shifted west.  Ocean City was in its sights.

But fine, still, right?  So maybe they’ll make us leave that second night, we would survive the drama of moving inland for a different place to stay.

But today, the forecast is even more dire.  So much so that this is the new status:

Ocean City, Md., asks visitors to postpone trips until Irene passes

And what else?  Oh yeah, Ocean City started evacuations.  First is their student-workers, next are tourists & visitors.

So it looks like that hotel reservation is awash.

Which is maybe fine, because a production scheduled to go out tomorrow at work isn’t coming together as it should be, and I’m panicking about how I can possibly be absent tomorrow.


I think I may cry.  And I’m not a crier.





  1. Ugh! Timing could not be worse. I am super bummed for you.

  2. I am also bummed. I wish you could come down here to the Gulf coast. It’s so far, I know . . . but plenty beachy and safe from the hurricane. There’s a train . . . I don’t know. I’m a fixer – I wish I could fix it!

  3. I’m sorry. That really, really sucks. Can you take an impromptu trip somewhere west–since you already have time off?

  4. Terrible, just terrible. I’m so sorry.

    I can recommend a delightful little college town in Central Virginia. Beautiful mountain views. Gorgeous architecture. Lots of history. 🙂

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