Best Sister Friends

September 7, 2011

Want to know my favorite part of vacation?

The beach was great; we had amazing weather (not too hot, not too cold, sunny, not a single drop of rain); the dolphins really awed us; we ate good food.

But the best part was by far the time spent together as a family.

The girls were amazing.  They barely fought with each other.  They barely fought with us.  They didn’t complain.  They loved their food and were appreciative of the nicer meals out.  They didn’t beg for 10,000,000 crappy souvenirs (a true feat for Mouse, in particular).

While the general good attitudes were a true delight, it wasn’t so very shocking.  They’re not bad kids, and we don’t usually spend a lot of time fighting.  (Although, there were some incidents on our last family vacation.)  But I was particularly struck with the way they got along with each other.

As I’ve mentioned here before, when I was their age, my sister and I were very close.  We spent a lot of time together and really enjoyed each other’s company.  So many of my great childhood memories include her.  When we were in high school, we started referring to our relationship as “sisterhoodship” – because it was a mix between sisters and friends.  Dorky, I know.

For many years – especially in their middle grade years (3rd – 6th grades), I thought my girls weren’t really reaping the benefits of one other.  They weren’t … connecting.  For a while we lived in a very small apartment and they shared a small bedroom and they fought incessantly.  They talked more about the hatred they had for one another than I ever wanted to hear.  I had a very hard time imagining, with the amount of animosity I was seeing, that they would end up being there for each other in their adulthood.

But this year – maybe even some last year – things have changed.  They hang out with each other in one or the other’s bedroom (and I do think the separate bedrooms have helped); they enjoy the company of each other’s friends; they seek each other out as soon as they get home from hanging out with their own friends.

This all peaked this summer.  The week that their father was in town, they the most affectionate I’d ever seen them – hugging, leaning on each other while watching t.v., doing each other’s hair and nails, etc.

And vacation was no different.

I remember when my sister and I were probably my girls’ ages, or a tad older, an aunt of ours came into town.  We were going somewhere with her and my mother, and my sister and I were sitting in the back seat.  At some point, we were holding hands.  My aunt was appalled.  My mother later giggled and told us “Auntie G. was so upset, she came to me later and said, “Did you SEE?  Suzie and Fishie were holding hands!!!”  My mother rolled her eyes and said, “yeah, they do that all the time.”

Well, on vacation, my girls were often holding hands while walking down the boardwalk, or had their arms around each other.  I did not see it as scandalous (why are the girls HOLDING HANDS???  What is WRONG with them????).  I saw it as sweet.

They also came up with their own name.  They aren’t talking about their “sisterhoodship” – but they are calling each other “Best Sister Friend.”

It makes me very, very happy.



  1. I think it’s sweet that your girls are so close. I love family vacations because, as for you, they are a chance for us to reconnect.

  2. That’s wonderful to read. I have close to no relationship with my sister and was determined not to let that happen to my girls. They are 6 years apart but very good friends. My heart swells when they display their love and friendship for each other.

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