School Year Start Up Insanity

September 17, 2011

The beginning and end of the school years always feel like the craziest.

Then I always have to go and do things to make them even MORE crazy.  Like volunteer a lot.

It’s play time at Mouse’s school.  And I’m producing again.  We have been gearing up, getting materials ready, putting our ducks in a row.  Monday is our audition day, and then there will be even more work to get done as the directors do the casting, and edit the script as necessary (for age-appropriate content, appropriate number of cast members, etc).

This week is particularly hairy:

  • Auditions on Monday
  • Pre-school play meeting on Tuesday
  • Parenting Group Meeting at my house on Tuesday (me)
  • Sophomore Parent Meeting at the high school on Tuesday (WD)
  • Nothing on Wednesday … ahhhh
  • 8th Grade Open House on Thursday
  • Book group on Thursday

Then, I think I can rest.  Friday, I’ll be asleep by 7:30.  Unless I have to work until 11:30, to make up for all of the above time missed!  I plan to work from home for the early part of Monday, and then to check out for the afternoon, for the sake of auditions.

Lemon’s birthday is next Sunday.  We have ZERO plans.  She can’t make up her mind about what she wants to do.  We’ll have our usual “you pick a dinner and dessert” with the family, but it’s the friends-party she can’t pinpoint.  She has lots o’ friends, and they’re in a few different social “groups” – I can’t let her have 40 people over.  So she has to make decisions, and can’t.  So, that’s up in the air.  Which is fine, because she has been to many a birthday party MONTHS after the child’s actual birthday.

Personally, I could be done with birthday parties.  But I do think 16 is a big deal, so I’m giving her this one, and then that one next year.

For now, we’re planning on doing something.  But not next weekend.  And that is FINE with me.  There’s enough going on right now.







  1. I am so happy to have outgrown the elaborately themed children’s birthday parties, complete with decorations and goody bags. These days, the girls keep things more or less simple, which is much easier on my sanity (two parties two weeks apart) and my wallet.

    • Oh, I’m so far from that. When Mouse turned 12, we did a scavenger hunt. Even then, no goodie bags or themes. When Lemon turned 14, I bought 4 movie tickets on fandango, and called a [very inexpensive] restaurant with my credit card number … and sent them out on the town (home by dark for birthday cake @ the house).

      Actually … not sure I’ve ever done a theme party. Maybe it’s a bad thing, but we have great memories of every party, so I don’t think so.

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