Happy Birthday to Her

September 25, 2011

Lemon is (finally) 15 today.

I have this annoying, inherited habit, wherein I start to call my children the age that they are GOING to be, starting around their 1/2 birthday mark.  So, in my mind, Lemon has been 15 since March.  Makes for rather anticlimactic birthdays.

Our plans for the day are pretty low-key.  She’s in bed now (duh, it’s not 11 yet). Then she wants to “hang out with friends.”  We will have her chosen meal at dinner, her chosen cake afterward.  We will bestow gifts upon her.  But the gifts, too, are anticlimactic.

I bought her tickets to see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  But the tickets are for a show in January.  Why so very far away? Someone may ask.  Because that is when Darren Criss will be standing in for Daniel Radcliffe.  She is a huge fan of Criss’s work on A Very Potter Musical. (Only available on You Tube, and therefore very annoying to watch.  She’s made me watch it.  Or, rather, the first act.  She hasn’t been able to twist my arm through the second act.  While I find the show clever and fun, it really doesn’t come close to my still-favorite Harry Potter You Tube Spin Off.  Yes, I’ve linked to it before, and I promise you, I will again.)

His work on Glee, however, has brought ME into the Darren Criss fan club.  (It makes me very sad that I cannot find a link for his version of Pink’s Raise Your Glass, because it’s my real favorite.  “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is a very close second.)  Also – his theater work and career trajectory is a fun one for my very theater and performance-interested child to admire.

We will likely see at least one other show while there.  But these tickets are (symbolically) her birthday present.

Writer Dude is working toward another of her latest obsessions – photography.  She is saving up for a digital SLR camera, and is looking to spend more time taking photos.  She took photography in her freshman year, and is taking Photo II this year in the spring.  She’s really enjoying it, and really wants to do more with it (although crew and its intense time commitments YEAR ROUND have made it tough).

She’s already gathered up a few hundred dollars toward her camera.  He found her a few books/manuals to contribute, and will add a little money to her pot.  My mother is also going to give her some more $$.  So is the Ex.  But I still don’t think it’s enough.  If she can be patient, though, she’ll have enough after Christmas gifts roll in.

Mouse is going to find something TODAY to add to the pile of gifts (or, rather, cards).  She wants to find something Harry Potter related.  Dunno what, though.

And – that’s the birthday.  I think some of the friends she wants to hang out with have little gifts & trinkets for her, but it’s not a “party.”  Maybe they’re too old for that?  I am not really sure.  I know both my girls go to less birthday parties, and the “birthday parties” have been changing dramatically.

I just hope she feels special all day.  Because she really, really is.

a week old

A week old (and even though I looked 12, I was 23)

3 month old Lemon

a favorite photo ... One year old

3 years old.

8 or 9 years old

First Day of Sophomore Year


And now, 15 years old.


Happy birthday, sweetie – love you lots & lots.



  1. Happy birthday to Lemon and happy birthing day to you! What a lovely young lady you produced and have raised. Kudos to you!

  2. Boy, your daughter looks like you. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  3. […]  As I may have said before, she is a huge fan of Team Star Kid, a fun & irreverent drama troupe comprised of college age […]

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