The Drama May be the Death of Me

September 29, 2011

Yesterday was the first rehearsal of our school musical.  The first rehearsal is when the kids find out their parts.  Mouse had been very anxious leading up to what we call “Parts Day.”

I also was anxious and stressed leading up to the day, because I am producing the musical, and had a lot of variables to put in place to get the production up and running.

In the end, everything went great.  Mouse is no longer anxious, but instead frantically reading the script over and over, doing her best to memorize her lines.  I am content knowing that our pieces did fall into place, and now that the production period has begun, I can slip into the background while the directors work their magic.  Of course, there will be a few things I need to take care of here and there (along with my co-producer), but all in all – until we near show weekend -I can relax.


Before Mouse got her part, and while she was still chewing her nails in anticipation – Lemon came home with the announcement that the high school has revealed its musical choice, and auditions are 10/3 and 10/4.


Here we go again!

The high school musical, though, is pretty different from the 7th/8th grade musical.  The main difference being that in 7th and 8th grade – everyone can act in the show.  If you audition, you get a part.  There are questions and anxieties about which part.  About whether or not you’ll be in the same cast as your friends (we have such high participation rates, we always have 2 casts).  But you never have to worry that you won’t get a part.

Not so in the high school.  In fact, Lemon knows very, very well that an audition at the high school does not mean you are guaranteed a single thing.  She auditioned for several things last year.  The freshman play, the improv troupe, an acapella group and the Shakespeare Play.  She didn’t get into any of them.

Poor Lemon.

She is the reason that I am a producer of plays, and I think she may have something to do with her sister’s theater bug.  Lemon was in her first musical the first year we moved to this town and it was an option – she was in 3rd grade, and she was in the chorus.  (I must say, that was kind of painful.  Lemon isn’t good at sitting still, and she used to be very, very bad at keeping her fingers out of her nose.  So by “being in the chorus” she was “sitting on the bleachers squirming to the point of almost falling off and picking her nose” for 2 hours. )  As soon as she could, she auditioned for acting parts.  She loved it so much, we signed her up for a community theater group as well (also not competitive).  She loves to sing, she loves to act.  She has never had stage fright in her life.   For quite some time, she was thinking about what college has the best theater program.  This is a real love of hers.

Fortunately, she is a very resilient kid.  She didn’t get into the high school productions in her freshman year, but still doesn’t hesitate to try out for the next one.  “I’ll take drama as an elective next year, and get stronger, and then I’ll get in.”  She happily filled her time with sports during her freshman year, and didn’t seem to linger over the rejection from the theater department.

[Although she may be lingering in her head, and just not telling me.]

Now it’s time for the musical auditions.  She really wants to be a part of this musical.  She didn’t try out last year, because she didn’t think she’d get in, and so instead focused on the Freshman Play (and didn’t get in).  So this is her first time auditioning for the musical.  This year’s show choice is one that allows for a big ensemble, so she does have a decent shot.  But she is also kind of rusty, especially vocally.

To help her with her confidence and rustiness, I have done something I never pictured myself doing before — I set her up with voice lessons to prep for this audition.

It feels so stage-mom-like.

I’ve never put money into prepping either kid for an audition before.  They have always had fun, and been relatively low-key.  Lemon has had voice lessons in the past, but at her request and in line with her hope to one day have some involvement in music.  Those lessons stopped at the end of last school year because her voice teacher moved out of our state.  I had intended to get her a new voice teacher (again at her request), but she’s immersed in fall crew, and we really haven’t had time.  If she already had a voice teacher, she would work with that person to get ready for this audition, so maybe I shouldn’t feel strange.  But I kind of do.

This morning, before her first prep session (she’ll have 2, I think), she went to the library to look for music for some of her favorite musicals.  We have a few other books, thanks to my involvement in the elementary school plays, and she has some ideas.  I just heard that the library trip was not fruitful, so I’m glad we had the back ups, which she’d already been through and chose some possible songs from.

In the meantime, WD has been helping her with the required monologue.  He found her some collections of comedic monologues (what they prefer), and she is working through those, too.

I’m usually pretty good about keeping my life separate from my kids’ lives, but Lemon’s auditions tend to have me on the edge of my seat.  I think I will have some anxiety leading up the auditions, and waiting for the results.  This anxiety has, in the past, manifested itself in such a way that I received the following text from Lemon:  “Mom!  You texted me in the middle of a math test! And they haven’t posted the list yet!”





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