Facebook Friends

October 4, 2011

Well, that was fun.

Both of my girls are on Facebook. They both entered the fray in the spring of their 7th grade years.  Lemon was a little behind the curve for her grade, and Mouse was pretty much part of the great Flocking (i.e., most of her friends/grade signed up within the same weekend).

They both were given the choice — either you be my friend (or WD’s), or we get your password.

Lemon (potentially the cleverer of the two ….) said “I’ll be your friend, but get your paws off my password.” And I later discovered that she learned how to set up “groups,” and to block the group she’d labeled “Parents.”  Hmmm.

Mouse?  Well.  She gave us her password.  And instantly friended us.  Every time she changes her password, she tells us: “Hi!  My new password is ‘iamamazing!’ Love you! Bye!  KK?”

[See the difference in personalities?  See why my life is actually (sincerely) very fun?]

Lemon wasn’t on Facebook for long before she was BEGGING us to Stop. Commenting!  Not cool!  Actually disgusting! Leave me alone! [Yeah … I know that’s why the groups were created.]

I did stop.  I was responsive. [and the groups disappeared!]

When Mouse came along.  I continued to refrain from commenting, except every now and then.

[Truth be told, I comment “every now and then” with Lemon now, too.  She doesn’t hate it anymore. I do try to be respectful, and *I* think I only make comments when they’re clever – causing Lemon’s friends to think: “oh, so that’s where she gets her witty sense of humor!”]

Tonight, though – I got caught up.  I made a comment on a picture of Mouse (this picture — because OMG – who could resist?):

I said “she was the cutest little monkey!”

because of the new little ticker-thing on Facebook, the girls (Mouse’s friends) saw that I commented.

Because some of them are OBSESSED with Facebook, they responded to me within seconds.

Because I remembered that Lemon used to get so mad at me for commenting, I thought better of my comment, and deleted it!

The girls who hadn’t responded, but saw the responses to my response, were very confused.

There was uproar!!

“Mouse’s Mommy! Where did your comment go!”

Mouse joined in.  “Awww, where did my mommy go???”

And then I embarked on 30 minutes of Facebook comments (on a couple different posts – a photo and a declaration that the girls planned to stay up until MIDNIGHT tonight) –

They were cute, and they were fun.  Lemon even joined in, “liking” my posts.

The fun ended when the girls (13 yo friends of Mouse) asked if they could friend me, and I said no.  Consistent with my policy.

[Because I don’t need all of the 8th and 10th grades knowing that I swear on Facebook.]

Fun girls.


One comment

  1. Most of my girls’ friends aren’t on Facebook yet, so friending them (or not) hasn’t been an issue. Yet.

    How did I not know that you’re on Facebook and therefore have not friended you yet? 🙂

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