Commuting in the Rain

October 20, 2011

Yesterday was pretty much a day from HELL.  I am going to share it with y’all.

Work has been pretty crazed lately, but we sent a big thing out on Tuesday night, and I thought that maybe – maybe – Wednesday would bring a lull.  I had a meeting at 9:30, where a few of us were discussing development of a new practice group, and thought carefully about what to wear.  Didn’t need to wear a suit, but needed to be short of sloppy.  Decided on a sweater over an oxford and nice slacks, and some loafer-ish flats.

I also have a standing meeting at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays, but this week, we weren’t dealing with issues that involved me, so I did not let the 10 a.m. people know about the 9:30 conflict (which is appropriate for this meeting).

But then at 9:20, the 10 a.m. people wrote and said, “let’s add these new issues [mine] to the agenda!” Then I felt all flustered.  I had to let them know that I had a 9;30, and I didn’t think it would be over by 10, but probably shortly thereafter.  It ended at 10:15, and I did get to the second meeting in time to discuss my issues.  Phew.

But also, at 9:25, I got a “reminder” email about a meeting with a bunch of lawyers from other firms about  pro bono project that I’m heavily involved in.  For some reason, in my mind, this meeting was on Friday.  (It was on my calendar for Wednesday … but not in my mind.)

And I suddenly hated my outfit.  I should have had on something dressier.  Crap. I tried to justify the fact that I was on the casual side by reminding myself that it was a pro bono meeting, and that often, that can justify a dress-down. But I wasn’t comfortable.

Then I had to meet with a partner to discuss my development as an associate.  We just reshuffled our mentor/reviewer process, and so I had to sit down with my new person for a “getting to know you” convo.  It was intense, but not problematic.

I got back to my desk to a flurry of emails – the big thing we sent out on Tuesday night had already resulted in a response – which we needed to respond to NOW.  At 1:30.  I had to be getting in a car for the off-site meeting (with my stupid clothes on) at 3!

I did frantic research for 45 minutes, fortunately found a decent case, shot off a few choice quotes and said, “I’ll be back around 5:30 and can resume then.”  [See that?  I said “5:30.” ]

Of course, when we first scheduled this off-site meeting due to end at 5, which was located closer to my home than to my office, I had grand visions of going straight home afterward.  Those visions persisted right up until the frantic emails received at 1:30.  So I was already in sad-mode.

The meeting went well.  It was good to meet the faces to go with the email addresses, and progress was made on our pro bono project. We ended at 4:55.

But then we had to chit-chat.

Then I had to go back to my colleague’s car, because I had left my umbrella in there, and it was POURING out.  Then the valet lost her car, so we had to stand around and talk for a while.  She was able to go straight home, so after I got my umbrella, she went home, and I went to call a cab.

I was in the part of Boston known as the medical area.  It’s very busy.  There’s lot of traffic and lots of cabs.  There are T stops, but not so close.  And it was POURING.  Really, really pouring.

In retrospect, I should have had my colleague take me to a T stop.  But I thought “we’re in the medical area, there will be a cab.”


There was no cab.  Several of us were waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.

Guess what time I got in a cab?

6:25.  I waited for an hour.

And traffic was still heavy. So even once I did get in a cab, it crawled.

It crawled until it rear ended the car in front of me!!!

Seriously?  I have to wait for an hour, with a partner sitting back at the office practically peeing his pants with anxiety about these stupid research questions, and my cab rear ends someone??

Fortunately, it didnt’ require a call to the police or me standing in the rain for another hour trying to flag another cab.  It only required my cabbie getting out and being yelled at by some pretty young thing in a Burberry coat and skinny jeans.

Finally, at 6:55, I get back to the office (decidedly NOT 5:30).  Just to realize that back at 3 p.m., I left in such a rush that I did not bring with me my i.d. badge.   I need my i.d. badge to get past the security in my building, and to get out of the elevator lobby on my floor.  It’s easy enough to check in with security to get a temporary pass, but when I’m returning to the office at 6:55, it’s not so easy to get someone to let me in on my floor.  I’m in litigation, not corporate.  People go HOME (for the most part) in my department.

So I waited in the elevator lobby for a little while, until someone else was going home. They let me in.  I ran into my office, dropped my bag & umbrella, grabbed a notepad and ran down one flight to the partner’s office.  Who was all, “Oh, hey there, ” like there was NOTHING going on.  We chatted about the issues in our case, teased out some nuanced legal issues, and he said, “so, let’s just think about this more before Monday.”

And that is what I rushed back for.

So I went home.







  1. Ok, I laughed, but just a little. That sounds like a day ripped out of my life. I’m sorry you had a crazy, hectic day

  2. Wow, that’s like 14 different kinds of suck. I’m sorry. I hope tomorrow is better.

  3. “I’m in litigation, not corporate. People go HOME (for the most part) in my department.”

    Ha! Word.

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