Halloween Planning

October 26, 2011

The Rundown:

Me:  Black cocktail dress; gorgeous maroon-glisteny-ralph-laureny shrug; very pretty mask that is white but with black (like the dress) and maroon (like the shrug) and glisten (because it’s a holiday).

Writer-Dude:  Bauta mask; hooded cape in black velvet.

Mouse:  She is Eeyore. I bought her tights tonight, they are greyish-bluish-purplish.  I also bought her thigh-high socks that are the same color.  Then I bought her gray shorts. And WD bought her Eeyore ears and a tail.  We keep teasing her that she’s “sexy eeyore” but she’s denying it, with a passion and with anger.  You tell me:

[in your mind, add Uggs]

Lemon:  No costume.  She will bake for a Halloween homework & treats extravaganza.  Halloween costumes are beneath her.  {she didn’t say that, but still.  she’s not doing it.}



  1. Both girls: Greek goddesses (Athena and Artemis).

    Me: Top-to-bottom black. Oh wait, that’s every day, not just Halloween.

    Pete: Shorts and a t-shirt. Again, his daily attire.

    • We don’t usually dress up, but I have a work-related “masquerade ball” tonight, and WD is coming with. Hence the masks. We were also invited to a family costume party on Saturday night. I don’t know what my “costume” is — lady in a dress with a mask?

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