Crazy Weather!

October 28, 2011

Yee ha!

Man, I love me some good weather.

My local friends think I’m insane, because I just shrug when they complain about the cold or the snow.  I honestly prefer the cold and the snow to the heat and the humidity.  I like sweaters.  I like curling up in a blanket.  I like my collection of gloves, hats & scarves.  I don’t like sweating, and I haven’t figured out how to appropriately commute in the nude because it’s too f’ing hot out.

Last night was the earliest snow we’ve seen since we moved back east.  There were small patches of accumulation – on a roof over here, a patch of grass over there, a porch railing now and again.  So it wasn’t a big deal, but it was remarkable that it was SNOW!  On October 27th!

Our first Halloween here, back in 2004, we had snow the day before Halloween.  Like last night’s it was a rain that turned white and fat and melty.  But this was still earlier.

And now we have a forecast for more!  Saturday night may bring us a “freak October snowstorm!”  My home town in Connecticut is potentially bracing for up to a foot of snow, but here in the Boston area, we are looking at 3 inches, more or less.  And none of it will stick around.  Halloween (Monday) is supposed to be 55 degrees, with evening temps in the high 40s.

Which means there’s really no reason to whine about it.  Enjoy the fluffy white while carving pumpkins and making last minute adjustments to the costumes.  It may feel a little discombobulating to be prepping for Halloween against a Christmas-like backdrop, but I think it’s fun.


One comment

  1. When I got up this morning, there were patches of snow hither and yon. We might get a little more around noon. We normally don’t see snow in Virginia until early December. Crazy.

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