Ballet, thwarted

November 4, 2011

I am supposed to take Mouse to the ballet tonight.  We were going to see Romeo & Juliet.  Her class is going to read the play this year, and she has other reasons for being very drawn to all things Romeo & Juliet, so we were pretty excited.  I got the tickets via Rue La La, and it was the first time I was so very enticed to buy something through there.  The tickets were $40/each, which felt easy.

Of course – she woke up feeling like shit this morning.

She is nauseous, thinks she’s gonna barf, feels dizzy and seems to be running a mild temp.

She is home from school. I tried to get her to rest and then try to go in late, but no dice.  Still felt like crap.

And my work that needs to get done today cannot be done from home.  And Writer  Dude has his Writer’s Group today, and one of the members got an editor-friend to go along with, so he really couldn’t/shouldn’t miss.  So Mouse is home moaning, groaning and clutching her stomach – alone.

[Actually, she’s sound asleep, dead to the world, phone in hand to call me if things turn for the worse.]

If a day of rest makes her feel better – should I take her to the ballet anyway?

Decisions, decisions.


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