T Minus Two Days / Weekend Distractions

November 14, 2011

Finally, my review has been scheduled. Wednesday at 3 pm. I have never had a review in the afternoon before, and have decided that it is further evidence that this will, in fact, be D-Day. WD disagrees, and thinks if they were to lay me off, the review would be on a Friday, instead. I disagree. And will disagree until I leave that conference room without getting some kind of notice.

In the meantime, I’ve finally pulled my resume together, and continued to explore the current job market to see what’s out there. But other than those things, there’s little to do right now. Until I know what is actually going on.

So, this weekend, I once again put my head – and my feet – in the sand.

My parents are on the Cape for a couple of weeks, taking a break from their rat race to breathe and celebrate their 40th Anniversary. We visited quickly last weekend, but then this weekend we went for a couple days. We had an early Thanksgiving meal on Saturday night, since the girls will be in the Middle of the Country for the holiday, and WD and I are staying home, and we did a little off-season exploration:

[I tried to draft this post on my iPad, because my pictures were there.  This has become a frustrating experience – the pictures won’t size right, and I can’t put any commentary in between them.]

Not sure why it is being so damned annoying.  But moving on ….
For some reason, Lemon was letting WD take tons of pictures of her, but was being a pain when I tried.  I think he got some great ones, but I was stuck with only that one (up there – she’s the one in the green coat) with her making a funny face.  I think even with the funny face, she’s a beauty.  But she doesn’t like the picture, and would be horrified to know I made it public.  If she ever discovers this (which I’m sure she will), she can take it as a lesson about WHY she should let me take better photos.  I had many more to choose from of Mouse.  She was in her heyday in the wind with the ocean spray.  I think she may have enjoyed it more than even I did.
Sadly, Lemon woke up on Sunday feeling poorly. WD and I felt like she wasn’t acting the wya she usually does when she’s sick (she’s usually sweet and sad when sick; yesterday she was grouchy and angry and difficult to be with), and weren’t sure how much credit to give the “illness.”  She’d been up the night before until at least 1:30 watching SNL, and our day trip required her to wake at 10 a.m.  So we thought it possible that she was simply over tired.  And so I pushed her to pull it together, and did not cancel our plans.
I won’t go so far as to say that was a mistake, but she did not perk up, and she is home from school today.  The things we chose to do did not over-tax her, though, and she rested in the car a great deal.  We took a 2 hour break in the middle of the afternoon at a very casual pizza parlor, and she lay across a bench the entire time (while not typically appropriate behavior, the place was so empty and laid back, it was okay).
We had a nice visit with my parents.  There was no negativity, and everyone got along well (despite Lemon’s grouchiness). It was odd when it got dark at 4:20 yesterday afternoon, and since we were enjoying outdoor activities, it did signal an end to our day.  That worked out well because it meant we could drive home, unpack the car, forage for dinner provisions and STILL watch the entire Patriots game.
And now I have to be creative about ways to keep my mind off of what feels like impending doom and to keep myself focused on getting through the tons of work I have in front of me.


  1. Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. If you are about to lose your job, at least you see it coming, which is far better than the time I lost a job* and was utterly gobsmacked by the news.

    * Officially, because of budget cuts. Unofficially, because of office politics and I was used as a pawn in the war.

    • Yes, I suppose it is good to have some notice. But man, this waiting piece is so tough! I’m not alone, though. My entire department is in the same boat. My particular situation has me more at risk (departures of key supervising partners in the last 6 months), but nobody is feeling “safe.”


  3. Good luck for the review. I know, and hate, the feeling of impending doom. Hopefully WD is right!

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