An Unveiling, of Sorts

December 3, 2011

As I may have mentioned, I’ve blogged in the past. I had a “law school” blog, and then an attempt at breaking from that to a more “lawyer blog.” I found it tough to keep up a blog as a lawyer, because so much is inappropriate to blog about. And then there is the stuff that isn’t necessarily professionally inappropriate, but would nonetheless be embarrassing if I were ever discovered/disclosed. I don’t really relish people I work with stumbling across a catalog of hours I’ve worked (whether low or high), or knowing which days I chose to leave early for a play or a parent-teacher conference. Too many people “keep score”, and I choose not to play that game.

So I chose to spin off, and blog primarily about my home life. My marriage, myself, my motherhood. And I’ve been comfortable here.

Except – I miss my old moniker for my husband.  

I had such a good one. It was his name, in Hebrew, and it described him in my life. It even worked when I wanted to vent about some stupid thing he did, because it read as sarcastic.

I can’t go back to it, but I also can’t get comfortable with this “Writer-Dude”/”WD” crap.

And, so, readers.  Meet david, my husband:



(With Lemon in the background)

Next up, tales of our romantic weekend getaway in Martha’s Vineyard, including a to-die-for Chef’s Tasting menu – 5 courses of sheer bliss.



  1. I just went back and read your old blog and finally got the full story on your divorce. Holy freaking crap. You poor woman. Your poor kids! I had no idea. You *so* deserve David/WD.

    Also, I was (and am again) the bad, rebellious, and hated one in my family of 6. It bites.

  2. Well, hello to David. David means “beloved,” which I’m guessing is apt here. 🙂

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