Tied Up With a Bow on it

February 26, 2012

Done and done.

Friday was my last day at BigFirm.  I keep thinking about whether there is any sadness in me.  And I think of my two closest friends there. But they are people I will see outside of work on a regular basis, so I’m not so sad.  Then I think of those who are less close, but whose company I enjoy.  But in light of today’s networking, I’m friends with most of them on Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, or Words With Friends.

I will miss our “departures” page — where you can always look and see who’s leaving.  That person from my summer class.  That guy down the hall with whom I’ve never spoken.  But my two closest friends will keep me up on that gossip.

So, I’m really not sad.  It was time.  I was done.

Of course, it helps to be done when you sit around for 4 months after being shown the door . . .

And tomorrow, I start the new job.

I didn’t think I wanted time off between jobs.  I thought that leaving BigFirm would be simple – just a little bit of clean up, a few farewells, and that would be that.  But it took a bit more work than I anticipated.  It was a little more stressful.  I had 4 and a half years’ of emails to sort and file and pare down.  I had drawers upon drawers of crap.  I had pro bono clients to transition. And I ended up with more fun social outings than I anticipated.  Instead of working 2 half days last week, I worked three full days.  Which would be fine, except it was February vacation week, and Mouse was home.  I had wanted to spend more time with her.  And I wanted to breathe.  She was fine (of course) – she had friends in town.  She had sleepovers and lunches out and plenty to do. But I didn’t get to breathe as much as I thought.

I took yesterday (Saturday) as a down day.  I watched more Parenthood (I’m almost caught up), and I lounged around the house all day.  Today, however, I need to get in gear so I’m ready for tomorrow.

I need to go buy new suits.  Two suits should be fine (in addition to what I already own), plus a few fresh tops for underneath.

I don’t love shopping.

I’m excited about tomorrow.




  1. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Break a leg!

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