Laid Back Weekend

March 25, 2012

This has been a great weekend.  I had an amazing week at work, and went into the weekend with no dangling loose ends.  I meant some friends from BigFirm for drinks and dinner after work on Friday, and then came home to a house full of teenagers.  David and I hung out with books in our bedroom, and actually read until we were the last people awake in the house – unheard of!

On Saturday, I had to cancel my run with my friend because Lemon forgot she needed a ride to her crew practice.  I was bummed about that, because if she remembered and we had planned it in, I would have run earlier. But instead I found out 15 minutes before my run, and there was no way to reschedule it.  Feh. 

But the day made up for it because then we went to see the Hunger Games!  We brought Mouse and her friends.  I enjoyed the movie.  It had been a long time since I read the books, so I wasn’t agonizing over every little change.  David had read the book on THURSDAY, so he had a different perspective.  He also thought the movie could have done a better job, in general, with its character development, etc.  He said he wished the took the plunge and did the full 3 hour treatment along the lines of Lord of the Rings – that the story and characters could carry such a thing.  I don’t disagree.

It was also a moment of recognizing how my job change and the resulting pay cut affects our day-to-day.  The girls all wanted to come see the movie, and so we ended up spending $55 on tickets instead of $27.  That made me wince.  And in the old days, I would have let them choose what they want from the concession stand.  This time, I did a tub of popcorn for them to share, and water bottles from home.  I told them in advance, and they all said “okay!” with perky and happy voices. I don’t think they minded. 

After the movie, I found myself curled in a chair with the Hunger Games book, wanting to remember more of the details that the others remembered. 

Today, I slept in much later than I meant to – thanks to dreary weather.  And I took Mouse on the T to her voice lesson, as she’s prepping for auditions for the high school singing groups.  I took her on the T because I’d like for her to eventually be going on her own, although she is not happy about the idea of taking the train alone.  Lemon does it without batting an eye, but Mouse isn’t there yet.  

While she was in her lesson, I went to the Barnes & Noble and picked up PSAT prep books.  I want us to be sure that Lemon is ready in the fall, and Mouse is asking to see the books, too.  So after her voice lesson, Mouse and I walked around Back Bay Boston reading the questions out loud.  

We did that on our way to the Apple Store.  And we are now a 4-iphone family.  [let’s just ignore the fact that I am talking about the 4th iPhone in the house in the same post that I whimpered about movie snacks.] I gave her my upgrade, and she got the iPhone 4.  (None of us have the 4S.)  Her line is due for an upgrade in September, so if that elusive iPhone 5 comes out in October, like the rumors suggest, I can then use hers to upgrade to the 5.  

And now I am going to do laundry and read The Magicians until it’s time for Mad Men tonight.  David just went out to get the ingredients for this year’s Mad Men cocktail.  I forget what he chose . . . but we are excited to finally spend time with Don & Peggy & Joan & all the rest after such a long break!


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  1. It does sound like a nice weekend, canceled run notwithstanding.

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