Dizzy Spells

March 27, 2012

Last week, Mouse told us at dinner that she’d felt really dizzy during the school day.  “I had to curl up in the fetal position in health class, because I felt like I was going to fall out of my chair.”  Her teacher told her she was likely dehydrated (oddly, even though it was March 20th or something, it was 85 degrees outside). But that evening, the dizziness continued.  In the morning, it was still there, and she was feeling nauseous.

Lemon had some dizziness last summer, and I took her to the doctor.  They took blood, checked her iron, and did an exam.  The result? “Some teenage girls get dizzy.  Eat more salt.”

So I told Mouse to eat some salt, but I was still not comfortable.  Who gets dizzy???

Certainly, she did.  She stayed home from school (very unhappily – she had to miss her first indoor soccer game, and really didn’t want to miss the day).  She slept most of the day, and had a few rounds of dry heaving.  By late afternoon, she started to perk up.  She was fine come the next day.

I told a friend of mine what happened, and she said, “oh, that happened to my daughter last week!  It was 3 days on and off.”

The next day, a friend texted me, asking for details about Mouse’s bug.  I told her about the dizziness and nausea.  My friend said, “I almost just fell over in Whole Foods – I feel horrible, and thought I was having some kind of neurological disorder! So glad to know it’s going around.”

Dizziness is going around?

Yep.  Yesterday, it was Lemon’s turn.  She called David from school (it was after 2, so very near the end of the day), and said she was dizzy and couldn’t focus her eyes and felt nauseous.  He had her go to the nurse, who then called a minute later.  Even though the high school is 3 blocks from our house, he went to pick her up.  She was very upset about missing crew, and he had to help her calm down and take care of telling the appropriate people.  She slept all afternoon.

But was fine by the later evening.  She did her homework, was back asleep by 11 p.m., and is on track to be at school today.


Anyone else hear of this?  I think it’s really weird.



  1. I have had to write this comment three times now! I don’t know what is going on here!! WordPress wants me to log in in some weird way.

    Anyway . . . I had this once as an adult. It turned out to be a non-painful ear infection. I took antibiotics to clear it up, and they gave me dramamine to deal with the dizziness and accompanying nausea. I remember the doc making me do some crazy thing with turning my head – if I turned it one way fast, I fell over, but not if I turned it the other way. That’s how she could tell which ear it was.

    • I wonder why there were issues with the comments? I’ve actually been having issues with WordPress – but haven’t been using it frequently enough to know if there are general issues, or if I just forgot how to use it. 😉

      Thanks for the dizziness info!

  2. Strange. I’ve never heard of this one before. I’ve had those dizzy spells before — sometimes I get mild inner ear infections that totally mess up my balance and head. Blech.

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