Leisurely Mother’s Day = Time to Write a Post (Miracle!)

May 13, 2012


I miss posting more regularly.  But I just cannot ignore my new firm’s policy preventing posts on personal blogs from work computers, and so my time for posting is greatly reduced.

And then once I’m not posting, I feel like I have nothing to say when I do get a minute to post.

I am having a lovely Mother’s Day.  I woke up before the rest of the family after a good night’s sleep and spent some time on the deck with coffee and a book until the others started to move around (one of the perks of having teenagers — long mornings before the kids are up and asking for money). David had bought me a book via Amazon for the Kindle app on my iPad, and I had that notification in my email when I woke up, and so had fun with the book (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy; we’d seen the movie Friday, and I had lingering questions, and wanted to read the book, and so on Sunday – waa laa!  I had the book.  Love my iPad!) on the deck, in the quiet.*

The girls woke up around 10 and were quiet in their rooms putting finishing touches on wrappings and cards. David joined me on the deck, and after some time (and seeing many photos on Facebook of the same), I said with a smile, “you’re making me an omelet, right?”  And his face kinda fell.  I felt bad, because I knew that he’d been putting lots of time over the past week or two making sure the girls had gift ideas, and helping them execute the gifts, as well as his own gift ideas and execution.  But, at the same time, I really wanted an omelet.

And I got my way.  🙂  After David ran to the store to get the spinach that is always required for a Suzie omelet.

So we had omelets, and I opened gifts, and then we watched some last night’s (raunchy) SNL, and then cute episode of New Girl (which usually gets on my nerves).

In the midst of all that, I started to get some work emails.  At 11 a.m. on Mother’s Day.  Since I was at work yesterday for a few hours, and have busted ass to make sure things were done before today, I was a little irked about today’s emails, and I ignored them.  The thinking being, “It’s 11 a.m. on Mother’s Day.  I’m a Mother.  I’m busy.”  That thinking took into account the fact that the emails were about very small changes to a letter that isn’t going out until LATE Monday.  Why do I need to take care of that 10 minutes of work on Mother’s Day Morning?  I do not!

But then at 1, I got the follow up emails “Suzie, did you get these changes?  Are you making these changes?  I need to review after you make these changes.”

So I wrote back and said, “I got the changes, they are small and will take little time to implement.  I’m out with my family right now.  If you need them before tomorrow morning, I can do them later this afternoon.”

I’m new.  Maybe this particular partner doesn’t know I have kids (even though he’s been in my office, which contains pictures of my kids).  He responded soon after to say even late tonight is good, but he’s out of the office tomorrow, so he needs to give the letter final approval today so I can sign his name and get it out tomorrow.  Signed off with “Happy Mother’s Day!”

The only reason why this quick edit of a letter puts me out as much as it does is that I am an idiot.  I’ve been at this job since February 27, and I *still* haven’t set up Citrix for remote use on my home computer.  I get so few late-night requests and surprise weekend requests, it just hasn’t been necessary.  At BigFirm, I was signed onto Citrix all the time.  Here, it has been a heck of lot less necessary.  Yesterday I went into the office because I had to draft a proposed order, and was lamenting the fact that I had to go in to do it.  Mouse is not loving me going in on the weekends (I’ve already gone into the office during more weekends, including two FULL weekends, than I ever did at the BigFirm), and complains widely.  To the point that my friends say, “Oh, yeah, [Mouse] told me she hates your new job, because you work weekends now.”  (Nevermind the fact that Mouse is never home on the weekends; what does she CARE??)

So I went in yesterday, and was annoyed with myself because the project I had to do was small enough that I could have easily done it at home, if only I had the stupid piece of paper with the stupid instructions to sign on at home.  “I will bring it home with me today!” I told David.

But then I forgot to take it with me.  So now, I have to go in today!  To finalize this stupid letter.

It’s okay, though.  Lemon agreed to come with me, and I will NOT forget the sign-on instructions so it doesn’t happen again.

Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!


*Relative quiet.  My poor kitty cat came outside with me, and was VERY EXCITED to find a bug buzzing around.  He trapped it with his paws, oh so efficiently, just to let out a bit of a yelp while shaking off the sting on his paw — it was a bee.  Poor little bunny.


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  1. I’m glad your day started off well. I am of the opinion that any male who asks you to work today, of all days, is an ass.

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