Day 2: More Beach & A Storm

June 27, 2012

Little did we know that while these photos were being snapped, skin was turning crispy.  The ocean tends to melt sunscreen right off the body.  This we have learned.

Mouse warming up before jumping back into the ocean.

David hiding from the sun.

Lemon is too cool to swim.  

David and I enjoyed tracking clouds from under our shady umbrellas.  When do we have time for that?

The girls also took refuge from the sun.  I wish I could say the combination of shade and sun screen kept us all from burning.

Book + Chips = 15yo’s idea of the beach.

The storms rolled in at around 8, and gave us a good show through 1 a.m.

We have this “crow’s nest” deck on the house we’re renting.  A little scary because it moves in the wind, but I wasn’t able to leave it when the storm was approaching.  Very cool view.  

(I climbed down well before I saw lightning, at my family’s urging.)


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