Day 3: A break from the sun.

June 27, 2012

Slathered with aloe, we headed out for a day of exploring:

Well, after a lazy morning on the deck.  The storms cleared out the humidity, and it was breezy enough that we needed sweatshirts.

In my souvenir.  

Then, Lighthouse No. 1:

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  

We didn’t climb to the top, because there was a 1-hour wait time.  But we got plenty o’ pictures.

The tippy top.

The Hipstamatic Version

You can see Lemon’s sunburn a bit.  


My camera was full of these after I asked Lemon to hold it.

A rarity.  Thanks to Mouse for taking a decent one.

What most of our day looked like.  

Then we took a ferry to Ocracoke Island (and we all had fun saying “Ocracoke” all day):

Reminiscent of the ferries to the Vineyard.

But with much warmer water.

And with non-Massachusetts names and stuff.

While in Ocracoke, we saw another lighthouse, and some ducks:

Ocracoke Lighthouse:  The oldest operating lighthouse on the East Coast.

The family, in front of the Ocracoke Lighthouse. (Mouse was in a bit of snit here, surprised I got a decent smile out of her.)

The Hipstamatic versions:

The Lighthouse.

The Lovely Lemon. 

And again.  (Blows me away how old she is looking.)

Only one of Mouse.  She was in a Mood.  

And the ducks I promised.

We saw all we really felt we needed to see on Ocracoke earlier than anticipated, and so decided to head back to our home base on Hatteras Island for dinner.  But first, I needed a couple of beach shots from the more-southern vantage point.  David stayed in the car because it was after 4:30, and therefore mosquito feeding time, and Mouse stayed in the car because her snit wasn’t over (“I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m bored.”)  Lemon and I went and peeked:

Such a pretty, cooperative girl.

Or not.  🙂  (Like her sunburn???  Her other grandmother chastised her on Facebook for it.)

Ocracoke Beach.

More beach.

The Grassy Dunes.

We got onto the ferry pretty quick (there was an hour or so wait on the way TO Ocracoke, but no wait on the way home), and had some burgers for dinner (tuna sandwich for Mouse, because she’s a veggie, and a veggie burger for David because …. he was in the mood?).  After dinner, we found this outside:

Sunset in Waves, NC

The Hipstamatic version (required, in my opinion).

Day 4 is another beach day.  I bought myself an underwater camera so I can take pics from the waves.  Sadly, though, I can’t develop them until I get home.  But I’m very excited!

In other news, I woke up on Day 3 with a very painful back.  The same back pain I experienced about a year ago, when I first started running.  Hopefully, this will go away soon.


One comment

  1. Love these. Your girls are so lovely – makes me long for daughters of my own! (My sons are divine, of course, but oh to have a girl!)

    Happy family vacations are fun to read about.

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