A little bit on fit.

September 29, 2012

My first marriage wasn’t a very good fit.  We fought a lot, we didn’t complement each other well, we had the same weaknesses.  We were unhappy.  We divorced, I got remarried.  It is good.  We are happy.  We fit together well.  Things I hate to do, he loves to do (i.e., cooking, crafts, creating things).  We fit.

Same thing happened this year with my job.  I left a place that always felt like a struggle, where I felt like I was trying to be someone I wasn’t.  Where I couldn’t picture myself there into the future.  And I came to a place where it just — clicked.  The work, the fellow attorneys, the clients, the support staff.  It all just feels like a place I want to be.  A place I can see staying for a long time.  When people decide to run out and get drinks after work, I really WANT to go hang out with these people.  I don’t groan inside and think about how I’m going to have to see this person or that person, and how I won’t have much in common with most of the people.  I can go out to a lunch with other women attorneys and honestly tell them that I plan to (finally) get a tattoo for my 40th birthday, and be peppered with stories about first tattoos, comparisons of various locations, etc.

Here, people ask me what I think, and they listen to my answers and incorporate my thoughts.  They don’t ask as a test or a trap.

I don’t think it was the firm itself, before.  I think it was the chemistry.  I think this is a better place for me.

And I like that I feel like a real lawyer.  I don’t feel like an “associate” – I feel like a lawyer.



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  2. So glad to hear you’re happy at your (less) new job! I can’t even imagine working in a place where I didn’t like the people, so I guess I’ve been very lucky to have lots of good coworkers.

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