Checking In

September 29, 2012

Hi there!

While it is so true that since I started at my new firm (which is getting less and less new as the days go on), I really have a lot less time to blog.  Especially because I won’t violate their policy about not blogging at work.

But every now and then, something happens where I think, “I *really* want to blog about that!”

I don’t remember any of those things, right now, but I know they’ve happened.

But here are a few things that have happened lately:

  1. I am going on my first work trip since I started this job.  I’m leaving on Monday – wanna know where I’m going?  Well, my flight CONNECTS in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Final destination — St. Thomas.  Yeah, baby!  I have a pretrial conference in federal court, District of St. Thomas.  There are worse things, right?
  2. Mouse is in high school.  She’s playing volleyball, and she’s trying out for the play, and she gave a speech to the whole school last week because she decided to run for student legislature.  Hooray!!  She told me the other day that she almost fell asleep while doing her homework, but then she said to herself, “Harvard! Harvard!  Harvard!” and kept going.  Healthy drive?  Or unhealthy obsession?  (she’s been determined to go to Harvard since she was in 4th grade ….)
  3. Lemon is still doing crew, but switched from coxing to rowing.  I’m pretty pleased with that.  She’s taking the PSAT in a couple of weeks.  She’s taking some AP classes this year.  She seems more focused than ever.
  4. The other night, my kids were hanging out in Mouse’s room before bed.  I heard them declare exhaustion, and then said, “goodnight, sister” and then, “I love you!” and “I love you, too!”   And it made me happy.  The sappy, gushy, glowing from the inside happy.  14 and 16 have been good so far.  Very good.
  5. I don’t produce plays anymore, because of Mouse’s 8th grade graduation.  So I was thinking about looking into local-level politics, rather than transferring my efforts to the high school, but then the high school called, and so now I’m doing some stuff there.  It’s been fun so far.
  6. I am cold in my house.  I refuse to turn on the heat because the air conditioners are still in the windows.  But I’m cold.

So, that’s the quick recap!  I think I’ll be back.  Miss this forum!!




  1. I’m glad you’re back!! And St. Thomas — that *is* nice!

  2. Yay! I love reading your posts! Hope you’ll check in more often 🙂

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