Finally, a Week Off

November 24, 2013

I was just about to ask my daughters if they had any plans for tonight, when I remembered it’s a school night.  Back in August and September when things were INSANE for me, I declared this week mine.  A full week off while using only 3 vacation days – perfect!  So I’m home, cozy, most of the Thanksgiving shopping done, and three days and nights of blissfully work-free organizing/cleaning/relaxing time ahead of me.

A quick run down of what I’ve been doing for the past few (silent) months:

College Hunting.

Emma is a senior.  We had her last first day of school EVER.  Crazy.  We’ve seen many colleges, and a few of them more than once (first a tour, then an interview, and in one instance, a final “let’s check it out one more time before I decide to apply Early Decision”).  I’ve spent many an hour when I should have been drafting motions instead crunching numbers, running my data through FAFSA calculators, perusing scholarship options.


I’ve helped with plays, I’ve organized the National Honor Society Ceremony, I’ve coordinated faculty breakfasts, and now I’ve signed on to chair the high school’s mandatory After the Prom Party.  It’s a very big task.

When I got my review this year, there were a few comments about how I was too busy to focus on marketing, and how partners hope I can free up some time for that purpose.  I know I need to spend more time on that.  I need a book of business of my own, and I need to have some name recognition.  But right now, I use my free time at the girls’ high school, and I’m really not up for changing that.  Not yet.  Even when Emma graduations, Jules is the one who really WANTS me engaged.  I’ve definitely developed significant organizational skills in these years of school volunteerism, so once I do make that shift, I think it will go well.

Prepping for the Empty Nest.

I almost feel like I’m nesting.  I don’t know what is going on.  I’m purging, organizing, and redecorating.  First, it was Emma’s room, because she was in the midst of SATs, college essays, etc., and her room was a little overwhelming.  Now I’m working (slowly but surely) on my closet and bedroom, and also our office, which is gross.

Also, David and I have been getting ourselves ready, relationship-wise, to be alone.  In a good way. Sorting through some things, emotionally and physically (like that gross office), and thinking about what we want to do with our time and our lives.  We certainly have time – our options are going to be quite limited during the 6 years of college tuition payments!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.



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