Fall Break

October 14, 2014

E came home* for fall break this past weekend, and we did her the grand favor of passing along our germs, for her to then take off to school with her and share with an even wider audience. Parents (and sister) extraordinaire.

My head is full of snots, and it makes my thinking blurry. I’m trying to prepare for depositions and plan appellate briefs, but instead, I’m responding to texts from both girls, about random mid-day check-in sorts of things:

E: Slept till noon (we drove her back to school last night, because of work schedules, but her fall break doesn’t end until tomorrow, so she has a day off), and doesn’t have the energy to venture to the dining hall for lunch. Big news from college.

J: Progress reports are out. 99% of the texts this girl sends me during the day have to do with her academic progress. PSAT is Saturday, and she’s dragging me out of bed at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow and Thursday to squeeze in a couple more practice sections. I work hard to try and reduce her stress, and let her know that these things are no the be-all and end-all. Let’s see if it works …


Fall break was fun. We saw a movie ( Gone Girl), and we bought pumpkins, and we cooked together and we curled up together and we fed her all her favorite local foods. It was nice having everyone under the same roof again, but it made it strange all over again to wake up this morning with only one daughter to check in on.

I’m thankful that E is only a quick drive or bus ride away – she’s coming home again this weekend to see friends with a different fall break schedule, and the weekend after that is Family Weekend at her school. Makes it hard to miss your kid when you see her this often! Hooray!

* I tried a catch up post, it felt boring. So I’m just diving back in. Emma’s in college. She’s loving it. Life is amazing.

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