suzie is …

… a strongly left-leaning, politically aware, agnostic community member.

… a reader (fiction only, though).

… a mom to two.  here, we shall call them S~ (aka “Lemon”) (almost 14, and surprisingly pleasant to be with for the vast majority of the time, considering her teen-ager status) and L~ (aka “Mouse”) (she’s 12, and is just now flirting disagreeability in light of the impending teen-ager status) (she’s not “mousey” at all — the nickname comes from an odd evolution of previous nicknames that are riffs off her given name);

… a wife to the Writer-Dude.

… a jr. associate in a law firm (which will be spoken of not at all).

… an overly zealous participant/organizer for her kids’ school activities.

… a daughter to two loving, supportive, and very conservative parents.

… an ex-wife to – well – the Ex.

… a custodian of an awesome-sauce cat.

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