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Chastised, yet again.

March 1, 2013

After yesterday’s post about what a conscientious parent I tried to be to my young children, I thought it appropriate to show how far I’ve fallen.

  • Yesterday, at the pediatrician’s office for the girls annual check ups, Jules was asked about her diet.  Fruits and veggies? check. Plenty of water?  check.  Milk and Dairy?  “Well, I have cream in my coffee every morning.”  The doctor(nurse practitioner, really) whipped her head around to shoot daggers out of her eyeballs and into my brain.  I – very maturely – returned her look with a smug look, with a bit of a giggle suppressed.  “It’s too early.  You need to stop that!”  I continued with my look, and did not agree to “stop her” from drinking coffee.  As if I didn’t choose to let her drink coffee when she asked after careful thought?  
  • On the way home from the pediatrician’s office, I got pulled over.  Awesome example for my nearly-driving-aged teens, no?  Fortunately, it was not for a moving violation – it was because my inspection sticker had expired.  On January 31st.  Oops.  We knew it was expired.  David and Juliette figured it out while Em and I were traveling last week, but David thought it was the registration.  When I got home I pointed out that, no, it’s just the inspection.  We had been joking for the past 4 days that we shouldn’t drive the car because we might get pulled over.  Then I drove the car, and I got pulled over.  The very nice police man let me off with just a warning, and I went straight to the inspection center and forked over the $29 to get a new sticker.

I’d also like to point out that their doctor appointment was at 2:15.  This required me to leave work at 1 p.m., and I opted not to go back afterward.  This 1/2 day of work gave me not only the time to take the girls to the doctor, but also to get the car inspected AND to write my first blog post in months.

Half days may be the key to the universe.  Too bad they’re also a once-every-six-months treat.  (If you can call being snarked at by a poopy-face nurse practitioner a “treat”).



Sniffling and Arguing

May 20, 2012

Lemon got us sick.  She came down with this BUG at the end of last weekend.  Sore throat, coughing, snotting, the works.  It seemed like she was getting better on Tuesday, but then on Wednesday, she felt horrible and stayed home from school.

I woke up knowing I was getting the bug on Wednesday, because my throat felt like it was full of 15 golfballs outlined in razor blades.  I was less than thrilled because on the schedule for Thursday was my first argument in Federal Court.

But sick, I was.  I had no chance to indulge it, though, because I really had to prep for the argument, around tasks for my 14 other cases.  I ended up working a 14 hour day on Wednesday, including at home until 10:30 when I finally collapsed into bed.  I rolled over at 4 a.m. on Thursday, and the moment I looked at the clock, I had outlines of the argument running through my head.  I tried to push them out and to get back to sleep, but at 4:30, I ended up getting out of bed and doing some laundry.  Doesn’t everybody do laundry at 4:30 a.m.?

I did manage to squeeze in another hour of sleep, but then I had to go to Mouse’s school for 8th grade graduation stuff, and then for the first time since I started this job, I drove to work.  Because of the proximity of the T to my house (I walk 3 blocks, and one of them is through a park), and to my office (across a brick plaza), I never drive.  But because of the argument, I had to drive to the Middle of Massachusetts, and it didn’t make sense to go back home to get the car at noon.  I spent the morning honing my outline and preparing further, and then drove out to the Central Division of the District of Massachusetts.

The argument went pretty well.  I had one point of law that I’d made in our motion, and the other side called it “bogus” in their opposition, and I knew it wasn’t bogus.  Maybe it was petty, and maybe it doesn’t matter in the end because they can easily amend their complaint to fix it, but it wasn’t bogus.  So I had to say something in my argument.  The judge kind of grabbed onto the argument, and pushed the other side for a good bit.  I think they will need to amend their complaint.  It’s a small win, but they called me bogus, so it felt good.

Adrenaline got me through the argument without much discomfort, even though I still had razor blades in my throat.  But once it was over, and we finished up a pow-wow with our co-defendants, and I got back in my car – man, I felt horrible.  Like I’d been hit by a truck.  I drove the hour and went straight home instead of back to the office.  I stripped off my suit and got in my bed at 4:45 p.m.  I almost slept through dinner, but ended up getting up and hanging out with the family for a little while.  I had a few moments while IN the bed that I had to respond to emails – at least once angrily because the other side tried to misconstrue a conversation we had on several occasions.  Not just one time.  Several times.  Geez.

I woke up feeling better on Friday, but then was very upset to get an email saying that – basically – my weekend was going to be spent working.



I like my job.  A lot.  It is really so much more fulfilling and exciting than the BigFirm job.  I have a lot more responsibility, I click better with the people, I like the overall atmosphere.  But man, I’ve been working a lot!   It looks like we’re hiring at least one more associate in the near future, because everybody is working a lot.  We are very busy, with new cases coming in every day.  It helps that none of it is busy work, or partner-stroking.  But it’s still exhausting.

I tried to get a lot done on Friday in hopes of avoiding the weekend work, but things were slow going.  And I was sniffling, sneezing and coughing my way through the day.  I went home at 5:30 with stuff in my bag, knowing I’d need to work at least one of the two weekend days.

But then on Saturday, I woke up feeling worse again.  I felt horrible all day long.  I didn’t work.  I slept in, I lazed around. I eventually went to Mouse’s soccer game, and I did feel better being outside and in the sun, but I wasn’t healthy.

Finally today I feel better.  I still have gunk in my chest, but I feel pretty good. And I’m drafting my complaint, and doing laundry, and I think I told Lemon I’d take her driving.  Yikes.



January 28, 2012

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long, long time – but both of our schedules had been too full.  Today, we were both home without much to do (well, I have laundry, but welcome the opportunity to neglect that), so we had made plans to go out for lunch, and then – finally —–

I put Lemon behind the wheel of my car.

And, I can honestly say – it was fun!

We found a big empty parking lot – and it was BIG.  So she had a lot of room to maneuver.

At first, she was very, very afraid.  Even the roll that took place when she lifted her foot off the brake was too much for her, and then she would SLAM on the brake, and my head would roll out the window.

So we worked on “getting familiar with the brake.”  I had her just feel it out – I taught her to be the brake whisperer.  To find where it works, and how to get it to smooth out.

Then, once I knew my head would stay attached, we started working on some gentle gas pedal presses.

Yes, it was this slow.

BUT – she got the hang of it pretty quick once she got over those initial fears.  She liked parking.  She struggled with figuring out which way to turn the wheel while in reverse (as do I – still).   She loved U-turns.

While it wasn’t my initial intent, she did well enough that I offered to let her drive on the street.  Just a quick right turn on, right turn off.  She took me up on it (I didn’t think she would).  There was no real risk in the exercise, but she did get herself initiated at being honked at.  So, that was fun.  🙂

Even that quick blip on the road showed me, though, that while I may think it’s fun in an empty parking lot – teaching her with other cars around will be very, very difficult.  I wasn’t panicky or anxious at all in the parking lot, but with cars honking, and chances of her rolling into the street without looking – the tension went sky high.  I wasn’t yelling or anything, I just saw that maybe – just maybe – I shouldn’t be the one to take her on the road.

She thinks she is going to be a very safe driver.  She loves rules, and thinks they are made to be followed, not bent or stretched.  As in, “Mom, you are going 36 mph, but the speed limit is 30.”  [Insert maternal eye roll.]  And then things like, “well, one thing that just taught me – people who text while driving are INSANE.  Or Stupid.  Or Both.”

Love my girl. 😉