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Harry Potter – With Spoilers – Why I Still Hate Snape

July 25, 2011

I started this post on Friday.  But work got busy – I didn’t even leave there until 7:30 p.m.  Then I came home to no power (and yes, it was still 100 degrees).  Saturday was … busy?  I don’t remember what I did on Saturday.  But I think I was busy.  Yesterday was beach day no. 2, this time with family.  Lemon spent most of her time on the beach, listening to A Very Potter Musical on her iPhone, and reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Every now and then she’d pipe up to share with me little tidbits that stood out at her: “Mom!  Snape just took one point from Gryffindor!  One point!”  (WD, who hasn’t read the books, didn’t understand why that was remarkable.  Lemon and I thought everyone knew that, duh, it’s always like 100 or 150 points being taken away by the end.)  So, Harry Potter lives in our house (as the chalkboard in the kitchen says:  JULY 31:  POTTERMORE!!!).  And is still something we share.  So excuse my obsessiveness here, and please know, I could be worse.  I could be like my daughter.

Last Friday, I stayed home from work.  Things have started to pick up, and I was very busy on Wednesday and Thursday, but was still able to be at home on Friday.  Which was good, because I had to take Lemon to the doctor to check things out in light of an extreme dizzy spell she suffered from on Wednesday.

The night before, Lemon went to see Harry Potter.  Not the midnight show – that was sold out.  Instead, she went to the 12:09 a.m. showing.  She went with 3 friends and one mom.

It never occurred to me – or the other mom (who was, incidentally, also Wednesday’s beach buddy) – that I would want to go, too.  I’ve never gone to a midnight showing (she has).  I read the books, but only saw the movies because my kids did and I was in the room (sometimes).  I’m not 100% certain that I have seen all of the movies.

But on Thursday evening, with all the buzz on twitter, facebook & blogs, I wished I was going.

On Friday morning, I found myself with a sleeping 15 yo, a 13 yo at camp, and some time on my hands.  So I read 1,000 reviews of the movie, including this amazing review/retrospective in my local paper.  I sobbed through the reading of it.

I must admit, I was caught off guard by the emotions of it.  Miss Zoot’s peeks backward also had me choked up.

So I went into my weekend in the Berkshires with Potter on the brain.  Lemon spent most of the day on Friday giving me some of the rundown, and her parental escort was with us on the trip, so she also had some feedback to give (all positive).

And we chatted a bit about the books/movies/story line.

And we debated.

Because 2 of my friends said they “love Snape.”  Whaaa?  Severus Snape?  (snape, snape, severus snape)

“The whole story happens because of Snape!”

“Snape was the bravest, most loyal of them all!”

“Snape was the most  complicated and developed character in the whole saga!”

To which I said — bullllllshit.

But while calling bullshit, I had a wee bit of a hard time recalling the intricacies of how things ended with Snape.  So I thought it was highly likely that I’d end up back pedaling in the end.

But then I re-read the chapter that gives his back story.  Then I saw the movie.

And I still call bullshit.

Maybe not on the idea that “the story could have never happened without him” (but I think I’m almost there …) but I can definitely say that he was not the bravest, he was not the most developed character, and he is not someone I would have ever, ever named a baby after.

I really don’t care that he loved Lily Potter back when she was still friendly with her sister Petunia.  His love for her didn’t make him a better person.  It didn’t keep him from becoming an evil follower of Voldemort.  And the only reason he went begging to Dumbledore  (and therefore became a ‘double agent’) was because of a selfish plea to save a single person that HE (Snape) was attached to.  Not because he saw that it was wrong to kill innocent people.  Not because he decided Voldemort was vile.

So, yeah, his murdering of Dumbledore wasn’t as horrid as it potentially could have been.  He was saving Draco Malfoy from the scarring experience of murdering someone he respected.  He was fulfilling Dumbledore’s own wishes.  Dumbledore was going to die with the year, anyway.  But none of that means that Snape was good.

Snape was never good.  He was nasty, bitter, jealous, and two-faced. Even after he started helping to “protect” Harry.  Look at what he did to Hogwarts when he was headmaster?  There is nothing good about that.

And I do think the story could have happened without him.


(All of that said – Alan Rickman is No. 1.)