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Farewell, January – Hello, Return to Normalcy

February 6, 2012

As I alluded to yesterday, I largely failed at last month’s One Month Goals, an idea stolen from Jen on the Edge (not really stolen, since she generously invites all to share . . . )

My goals were modest:

  • Make my bed every day
  • Catch up and keep up with my laundry
  • Run 5 days/week
  • Lose 2-6 pounds

I came closest to keeping the running goal.  I think I did hit 5 days most weeks, and dropped to 4 once or twice.  Not so bad.  I did get to the point where I can round the reservoir (about a mile) without walking breaks.

I did not lose 2-6 pounds. I held steady.

I made my bed every day for 2 weeks.  And it was lovely.  It worked to keep the whole room cleaner, through the power of suggestion, and to keep the sheets and blankies at their maximum comfort level every day.  But then David was sick, and I started staying in bed more once my interviews wound down, and the bed was overlooked.  I’m putting it on February’s list.

I got my laundry better under control.  I got rid of some of the backlog (sheets, blankets, summer clothes that have been waiting so they could be put away), and my general pile is smaller.  But I did not “catch up.”

I am not going to take this first outing’s failure as a reason to stop the exercise.  No.  I’m going to look at this last month, and the craziness it brought to my life, and I’m going to say “fair effort,” especially considering the lack of a routine and the weirdness brought to life because of interviewing and job hunting and stuff like that.

So, on to February:

  • I will lose 2-6 pounds.  I will keep my fitness momentum from January, but now I’m going to focus on eating better.  I will start with looking for healthier lunches.  (Which will tie in with my budget revisions, since lunches out aren’t gonna cut it anymore.)
  • I will make my bed every day.
  • I will buy (and therefore drink) less wine.  This merges the health and the budget.  Less calories, less money. So my plan is to buy a bottle on Fridays, and that’s it.
  • I will really catch up with laundry.

Let’s see how it goes this time.


Resolutions and Goals and Intentions

January 2, 2012

As anyone who has seen my recent flurry of posts knows, I’ve been thinking about the end of 2011, and the start of 2012, and about what I got from the one and what I want from the other.  Of course – 2012 won’t GIVE me anything.  The question is, what will I make of 2012?

I’m not really feeling a “resolution” this year.  I do have my on-going goal to be fit by the time I’m 40, but it’s not to do with 2012, and it’s already in progress.

I have a general intent to be more productive this year, especially around the house.  I have a general intent to find my “place” in my career.  I have a general intent to make sure that during this year of transitions – with both David and I finding new jobs – that our marriage stays strong and doesn’t suffer from the stress.  I have a general intent to keep my relationship with my daughters strong, and to continue to guide them toward independence.

But as a way to turn my intentions into action, rather than just vague ideas floating around in my mind – I think I’m going to follow in the footsteps of my friend Jen.  At least for January, I will make myself some mini-goals.  If this goes well, I will make it a regular thing.

On the career front, the first real step is to find a new job.  This really needs to happen by March 1, and I don’t see any kind of “mini goal” helping on that front.  So let’s look at the other areas that I intend to improve and maintain:

1.  Productivity:  I will make my bed every day, and I will catch up with and keep up with my laundry.

2.  Fitness:  I will run at least 5 days per week, and I will build up to one mile of running without walking breaks. (I would like to add in some strength training and other activities, but will save that for February.)  I would also like to lose some weight.  I will copy Jen and say 2-6 pounds (very reasonable for one month).

I think I’ll stop here for my first month.

And with that – I’m off to make my bed and do some laundry!  (Already had my run today – took 2 very short walking breaks during the mile — grrr.)